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Caregiver in Lake Forest IL: Tetiana Lobodiuk has been a caregiver with our company since May of this past year. She has a medical background and is deserving of this award for numerous reasons.

Elder Care in Glencoe, IL: While pneumonia is a devastating respiratory condition that can affect people of all ages, it is especially harmful to elderly people.

Chilled to the Bone? Take winter by storm with these tips to stay active and avoid injury. Tips include preventative warmups, chiropractic and staying hydrated.

Are you a morning coffee person? Learn how that cup of morning Joe is negatively impacting the health of your nervous system and how chiropractic could help.

Following a legislative hearing on legalizing marijuana, Preckwinkle found the question of whether she ever smoked pot rather humorous.

With rapid changes in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, podcasts are a great way to keep yourself updated with new developments.

A neuroscientist reveals that women need more sleep than men. Find out why snoozing that alarm may not be such a bad idea after all.

Use this form and guide to create a solid resume for job searching. These tips include what sections to include and what to highlight.

Getting your veins treated in winter not only means to enjoy with more energy and less pain, but also makes wearing compression stockings easier.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle speaks at the second annual Women's March in Chicago Saturday.

Pizza and beer isn't going to earn you the gold in better health! Here are three healthy tips to eating right in an effort to tune your body like an Olympian.

Caregiver in Lake Forest IL: Taking care of yourself is one of the most important tasks for you as a family caregiver. You might think that it's taking care of your elderly family member, but that's secondary if you're in no shape to care for anyone.

Since 1990, Retro 51’s mission has been to design and manufacture pens that bring fashion, fun, and value to the consumer. Today, they have become one of our most popular brands by new and old coll…

2018 is here and the New Year means new beginnings. This can include making travel resolutions for this year. Here are a few suggestions: Traveling only with a carry-on this year. Nothing is better…

Of the thousands of American and international companies that were granted patents last year, just a few major corporations accounted for a massive share of global innovation.

According to new research, regularly getting out of the house may increase the lifespan of older adults.

It's tough to find the motivation for wintertime fitness. Try these tricks - even if it’s been more than a few weeks... or months.