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Teens exposed to secondhand smoke were approximately 1.50 times more likely than were unexposed peers to report missing school because of poor health.

Yard sales are a great way to make some cash and clear some clutter out of your home. Discover how to make yours work.

Eating fast foods, particularly hamburgers, three or more times a week correlated to asthma in a dose-response pattern, according to a systematic review recently published in Respirology.
“It has been hypothesized that the consumption of fast foods may exacerbate the development and progression of asthma and allergic diseases. However, the data available to date are heterogeneous,”

SurePayroll provides an in-depth guide to nanny payroll and nanny payroll taxes. Avoid IRS fines and stay compliant with nanny tax changes.

A new CHEST SEEK™ Critical Care Medicine edition is available! Challenge your knowledge with this CHEST SEEK question.
A 78-year-old man with a history of myasthenia gravis (MG) is admitted to the ICU after a thymectomy. He develops an
Which of the following antibiotics is safest (least likely to cause weakness) in a patient with MG?

Want to have a happy retirement and not have to stress about money all the time? Here are some tips to have more joy in your golden years, living a better and healthier life. What does your dream retirement look like? Happiness is a part of it.

Protect your pool this summer against unwanted visitors like algae, debris and wildlife.

Providing shade and beauty, trees are a joy to behold, but some trees require more maintenance and upkeep than homeowners are willing to give. Invasive or

Web-like nests of fall webworm caterpillars, are beginning to appear in parts of the state. The webworms are a common native pest active from July through

Welcome to very real world of employee ghosting. Here's what it is and let us explain how to recover from job abandonment.

Roots N Blues music festival is an annual music event in Columbia, MO. This year, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue take the stage.

The owner of lighting design shop Cedar & Moss shares her foolproof tips for navigating the lighting market to find the perfect fixtures for any space.

The recent stormy weather can have a strong impact on the health and integrity of the trees in our yards, communities and forests.

With Hurricane season comes a sense of urgency to prepare, prepare, prepare! When it comes to storm preparation, there’s one thing to always keep in mind that’s easy to overlook – what to do with your trash and recycling. Well, to make the prep work a little easier, we’ve put together these...

submit your old YMCA photos here for a chance to win a cool tshirt at 50 fest!

Controlling your sleeping space can promote better sleep for families, guests and pets. Here are four ways to enjoy the best sleep of your life.

The Company Raises Full-Year Earnings Per Diluted Share Outlook and Reaffirms Previous Guidance for Other Metrics HOUSTON — July 25, 2018 — Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM) today announced financial results for its quarter ended June 30, 2018. Revenues for the second quarter of 2018 were $3.74...

Even in the furnace of this July, Lubbock is in bloom. The Chitalpa tree is becoming a favorite medium-sized lawn tree and landscape accent specimen

Castino Painting, your painting and carpentry experts, shares tips to keep in mind to ensure a successful exterior painting project.

We're Celebrating the NSYMCA's 50th anniversary! The Y will be holding a 50 Fest celebration, block party style. This is a family friendly event by day and a music party by night. Beer and wine served all day long and food by many North Shore restaurants
The Y is seeking volunteers to help at this event. It's easy, fun and helps our community!
Short & easy 2 hour shifts
Every Volunteer gets a t-shirt
You'll get into the fest for free and enjoy…

Are you enjoying some of the Summer programming we offer? Why not take it to the next level?
Sign up today for your favorite programs this fall. We are also bringing new programs to the Y such as...
Diabetes Prevention Program
SmartLab (Formerly Digital Media)
Gaming Illustration