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Renee Silverman, vice president of marketing at Irv’s Luggage, recently took a trip to Africa. She is joining us today to discuss her trip and share some things she learned during her trip. So, Ren…

Just when travelers were getting used to dealing with 50 pound weight limits on their luggage, some airlines have , once again, changed the rules.. In the United States, Spirit and Allegiant Airlin…

Throughout the Forest Preserves of Cook County, residents and visitors have numerous opportunities to get outside and enjoy the season. Each of our Nature Centers offers fun and educational programming, and there are myriad hands-on and informative events and programs to learn about camping, try snowshoeing and

Tormod Larsen, CTO of ExteNet Systems, discusses the company's work on small cell infrastructure in preparation for Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minn. From...

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MS: What Happens
With MS, like other autoimmune diseases such as lupus, your body’s immune system (which is designed to fight germs and other invaders that threaten your health) mistakenly turns against your own tissues
In the case of MS, the body’s inflammatory defenses attack myelin, the insulation that covers and protects the nerves. Like a worn electrical wire, a nerve cell with faulty…

Find everything you need to throw the perfect New Years party at Crate and Barrel. Shop for New Years decorations and party supplies. Order online.

Learn about spigelian hernias, a rare type of hernia that can cause painful symptoms and requires surgery. We also take a look at diagnosis and recovery.

Renal colic is pain caused by a urinary tract stone. The pain can be anywhere in the urinary tract. Learn more about how it is treated.

The University of Michigan football program announced today (Tuesday, Dec. 19) that quarterback Shea Patterson will join the program as a transfer from the University of Mississippi.

We know what it means to Go Beyond for our guests, just like the cast and crew of the hit SHOWTIME comedy Shameless. Follow along as we take you behind the s...

A Buffalo Wild Wings in Michigan set out to build a sustainable facility from top to bottom, which helped their bottom line.

Colleges in hurricane-hit areas have accelerated training to help rebuilding efforts, with plans for students to return to complete degrees later.

A simple strategy to help calm down quickly when feeling anxious, stressed, angry or just plain overwhelmed. It really works!

When you're hurt, these fat-fighting foods can do more than just help keep you lean. They'll also give your body the nutrients it needs to get on the mend quickly.

First American offers two types of Health Savings Accounts: HSA and HSA Plus. A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great way to save for your health care deductible and take advantage of tax savings.

Negative thoughts drain your energy. The more you give in to them, the stronger they become. Here are a few tips to turn your negative thoughts positive.

Emotional eating triggers feelings of guilt, powerlessness and shame. Here are 3 questions to help you stop.

Hi Friends! Today I'm going to show you how to have a perfectly organized closet by letting you into mine!! This is a closet organization video but it's also...

Did you know that Hot Tub “Jets” Came From Early Aircraft Machinists, The Jacuzzi Brothers? Find out 9 other fun facts about hot tubs.

The owner of lighting design shop Cedar & Moss shares her foolproof tips for navigating the lighting market to find the perfect fixtures for any space.

Doctors have come up with a variety of medical devices on the road to modern medicine. But some of the early iterations were, shall we say, a little crude.

Do you want to remodel your kitchen, but can't afford natural stone countertops? Consider using paint to get the high-end look of granite.