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If you thought you saw all the possible combinations of something with mathematics, you were wrong. Elisabetta Strickland proposes in fact in this article an extraordinary one: David Bowie and mathematics. A post to hear, enriched by the magnificent portraits by Paola Celletti. It is well known that David Bowie, a multifaceted rock icon in both […]

Most patients who come to my office for arthritis have what is known as osteoarthritis. This is the wear-and-tear type of arthritis thought to be the result of years of impact on your hip or knee joints. This causes the cartilage, the smooth gliding cushion on the joint surface, to wear out. You can think of it like years of driving your car. If you wear through your rubber tires and are driving on the metal rims of your wheels, you are in…

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At the MedCity CONVERGE conference in Philadelphia on July 11-12, a panel of experts will discuss how to make the care journey a bit more bearable for those living with cancer.

Getting a nursery ready for a new baby can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind these important considerations to make it a safe haven.

Many of us know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. For many of these patients, whether a friend, loved one, or co-worker, chemotherapy was a part of treatment. Yet, while you may be familiar with the term, not everyone understands just what chemotherapy is.

Food allergies are common among American kids, with nearly one-third of U.S. school nurses reporting at least one severe reaction to food among their students in the last school year, a new survey finds.

A new HIV vaccine candidate has been trialled in humans and monkeys, with promising results.

Bots have been getting some extra love on the internet these days, particularly in the form of the I Forced A Bot meme. So I thought it would be a good time to revisit all things bot, neural networ…

There are two things both called MathsJam and we’re going to try to explain both. We think it would be nice for there to be more of the first kind around Europe (and the world) and hope someone reading this will agree. And we’d like to encourage people from around Europe (and the world) to consider coming to […]

Tracy from The Children's Workshop shares tips for taking the stress out of the family vacation.

For the first time in years, Rhode Island is increasing reimbursement rates for child care centers providing services for infants and toddlers, keyed to grades that the centers earn on uniform rankings

Two local social workers are aiming to launch non-profit to offer training and classes in November. Their goal is to facilitate mental health support on

Happy 4th of July
We're here for all of your last minute Independence Day needs! We'll be open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm on July 4th, so you can have everything needed to make your pool party spectacular!
Whether you want to bring your water in to have it evaluated before company arrives, need some last minute advice from one of our expert technicians, or just need some fun floats & accessories to add extra sparkle to your party, stop in &…

Looking for activities that you can easily share with the kids this 4th of July? This morning in 'The Modern Parent', Heather Grocott from The Children's Workshop shared details and simple ideas that can help to enhance anyone' family celebration. : GERBS Goji Berries, 2 LBS, Unsulfured & Preservative Free by Top 12 Food Allergen Friendly & NON GMO : Dried Fruits : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day! Like every player on the New York Mets, Bobby Bonilla receives a large paycheck every July for their services on the diamond. Only difference here? Bobby Bonilla doesn’t play for the Mets and hasn’t given them his services in decades. Every July 1, the Mets pay a 55-year-old retired player of …

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