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The amount of exercise a dog needs depends on several factors. A few tips on how long your dog's walk should be...

Is exercise on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? Man’s best friend can be your best exercise partner. With your dog as your workout companion, you’ll get a loyal and eager exercise partner in return. Research has shown that you’re more likely to stick to your fitness program if you exercise with your furry friend. …

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There’s at least one every year – that toy at the top of lots of kids’ wish lists that they dream about finding under the tree. Usually these toys are hard to

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Shopping for your next pair of sunglasses can be daunting. Which style best fits your tastes and face shape? What colors suit your existing wardrobe? Not to worry: We've rounded up five of the most iconic shades styles that make choosing your next pair of sunglasses easy.

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Garden fountains can add a wonderful element to your landscape, creating visual interest and reducing noise pollution with the tranquil sounds of moving water.

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance alleviates hunger by gathering and distributing food in Phoenix, Flagstaff and other Arizona locations.