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A new blood test may help people diagnosed with breast cancer predict if they will relapse later in life, a new study says.

Am I an alcoholic? Am I drinking too much? This article will discuss the current criteria which may indicate that yout have an alcohol use disorder.

Is your husband's alcoholism ruining your relationship? Read these tips on how you can approach your husband and get help for his alcohol addiction.

Low levels of exposure to UVB rays -- but not UVA sunlight -- during pregnancy was linked to learning disabilities later on, according to a new study.

Patient review: "Before seeing Dr. Rubinstein I had saline implants that had grown hard and appeared unnatural. Thanks to Dr. Rubinstein I now have more soft and natural-looking breasts. Even my girlfriends are impressed. My boyfriend loves them and so do I! Thanks Dr. Rubinstein!"

Patient review: "Wow! an amazing experience. The office staff and care givers were absolutely lovely. They were professional and cordial, Dr.Rubinstein just incredible. I expressed my concerns to him and through our discussion he crafted a plan for me which i am very pleased with. He was honest and caring, the top of the line in a healthcare professional.
McIntosh J."

Whether its on ourselves or on camping companions, most of us are familiar with the red, itchy rash caused by touching poison ivy. The culprit behind that ...

Blooming spring flowers signal the beginning of spring, but for millions of people, they also signal the onset of the misery: allergy and asthma season. ...

Patient review: "for so long i wanted to redo my lower lip and get symmetry with my jaw which was missing a mandibular implant. and i also had some extra skin at the end of my eyes. it was 4 surgeries and after 2 weeks i look incredible. no pain, very little swelling and bruising. after 2 weeks i get such compliments from people who see me everyday. i am so happy and finally feel th way i always wanted to look. i…

Vaping when you have asthma can exacerbate your asthma symptoms and may cause other side effects. If you are vaping to help you quit smoking, it could be a better alternative.

Dr. Gordon Chen, chief medical officer, discusses the importance of outcomes in health care.

We all want to relax, especially at the end of a long day, but we don’t all approach finding our chill in the same way....

Seeing a friend struggle with alcoholism can be difficult. If you are wondering how you could help your friend overcome their alcohol addiction, read more here.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that does not just affect you, it affects your family and loved ones. Find out how your behaviors may be hurting your family.

How successful is drug addiction treatment and can it be for you, a loved one or friend? If you are contemplating this question, read on to get answers you need.

Lakeview Health is a Joint Commission accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. Find out how the best recovery centers earn their accreditation .

Focused and frequent radiation can be effective against early breast cancer for some patients, according to research presented this week at the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting.

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Regular eye tests help make sure your eyesight is as clear as possible, if you're nervous about your next eye test these top tips by Optical Express will help make the most of your next visit.

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Shawn and Cameron talk butts with board certified Columbus plastic Surgeon Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe and patient,Samantha Wilch.