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Dr. Gordon Chen, chief medical officer, discusses the importance of outcomes in health care.

Well, we can't guarantee great weather this summer (if only) but we can give you a few reasons why you should consider laser eye surgery. Book a free consultation at your local Optical Express today.

Regular eye tests help make sure your eyesight is as clear as possible, if you're nervous about your next eye test these top tips by Optical Express will help make the most of your next visit.

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It's Drug and Alcohol-Related Birth Defect Awareness Week. Understand the risks associated with drug and alcohol use during pregnancy.

Former Insys Therapeutics CEO John Kapoor has been found guilty of racketeering in connection to the Fentanyl-based opioid pharmaceutical company.

Leading a healthy and sober life has its challenges. There are bound to be days where the path gets just a little tougher to follow and your outlook isn’t qu...

**Welcome all new patients! Please be aware that Dr. Olacio has a 24 hour cancellation policy.** Dr. Marizeli Olacio practices podiatry (foot & ankle medicine) in Miami, FL and North Miami Beach/Aventura, FL. Dr. Olacio's professional affiliations include Mercy Hospital, Aventura Hospital, and Baptist Hospital. As a foot and ankle specialist it is her priority to educate each patient on their pathology, to ensure they are…

Exercise can keep seniors strong and healthy. Learn how low-impact exercises, strength training, and aerobics all benefit senior health.

A woman’s reproductive system is a delicate and complex system in the body. It is important to take steps to protect it from infections and injury, and prevent problems—including some long-term health problems.

Posted on February 1, 2019 | Comments Off on Ohio Town Hall on Opioid Addiction
Several organizations in Ohio recently hosted a town hall discussion on the opioid crisis still occurring there and across the country. News commentator, Eric Bolling, was a moderator of the event which was held at Cedarville University
Eric and his wife, Adrienne, lost their 19 year old son in 2017 due to an accidental overdose with the powerful opioid, fentanyl.
This town hall discussion was designed to continue…

Understand the 6 common eye conditions that can cause blindness in adults and children if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Find the medical care you need with the convenience you want at MD Now. Call 888-MDNow-911 or visit

Find the medical care you need with the convenience you want at MD Now. Call 888-MDNow-911 or visit