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North Carolina's poultry farms reported massive losses on Wednesday due to the flooding from Hurricane Florence while South Carolina reported severely damaged crops, according to CNN. North Carolina's Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services said nearly 3.4 million poultry birds were killed in the state, which exceeds the losses which occurred two years ago in Hurricane Matthew. A federal inventory said the state had 830 million head of broiler chickens and 32 million head of turkeys.

A Pennsylvania man is being accused of assault after he allegedly brought his wife, who he says has dementia, to The York Fair on a red nylon dog leash. Walter William Wolford Sr., 66, was arrested after a witness saw Wolford yank the leash around his wife's neck "causing her head to move backwards and for her to sustain red marks around her throat area," charging documents said.

Oxygen’s new docu-series “Unspeakable Crime: The Killing Of Jessica Chambers” premiered this past weekend, and sparked a debate on social media. Specifically, viewers were startled to see one detail in the second hour of the series premiere. As suspect Quinton Tellis’ sister, Laqunta Tellis, talks about her close relationship with her brother, a prominent tattoo is visible on her right hand. It is a stylized “Eric.”

London: Often marketed as a healthy dairy product, yogurt is not necessarily good as it contains free or added sugars and fat — even more than soft drinks and fruit juices, thus increasing the risk of obesity, a study has claimed. The findings, led by researchers from Britain’s University of Leeds,

A woman is accused of killing her 2-year-old son by putting Vicodin in his sippy cup. The Bucks County District's Attorney's Office has charged Jennifer A. Clarey, 42, with criminal homicide after police say they found Clarey, bleeding from self-inflicted cuts on her wrists, laying on a bed next to the body of her dead son, Mazikeen Curtis. "It goes beyond a terrible tragedy," District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub said during a news conference. "This was clearly a murderous act."

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Razak will face further charges on Thursday related to the alleged theft of money from the state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), according to Bloomberg. Malaysia's anti-corruption agency announced the future graft charges on Wednesday following earlier allegations of money laundering and corruption. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said the allegations were linked to a case where 2.6 billion ringgit ($627 million) worth of funds was transferred to

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Due to death threats, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford (who uses “Dr. Blasey” professionally) and her family have had to leave their residence and arrange for private security. Let’s create a fund to cover her security expenses, to do just a bit to make it easier for women in her position to come forwa...

Dr. Maria Montessori was an innovative, revolutionary woman who was not only the first female physician in Italy, specializing in [...]

The iconic New York City dance studio Steps on Broadway has a new leader coming on board: Joe Lanteri. The New York City Dance Alliance founder will be Steps' new co-owner and executive director. "For me, it's a big full circle," says Lanteri, who used to take class at Steps when he first moved to N...

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