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Hong Kong is preparing to present a bill on Wednesday which would make it a crime to mock or disrespect the Chinese national anthem with jail terms of up to three years, according to Reuters. Chinese authorities have attempted to grow patriotism for the mainland in the former British colony, but there have been tense standoffs between pro-democracy activists and the forces loyal to Beijing on the island. Critics said the proposed legislation raises concern about freedom of expression in the city

A new analysis released by the nonprofit Health Care Cost Institute revealed type 1 diabetics were spending around $5,700 a year on the life-saving drug in 2016 compared to only $2,900 in 2012, according to CBS News. The report released on Tuesday represents gross spending and does not include rebates or coupons, which can lower costs for certain diabetes, but the price increase coincides with a cost of living increase of 6.5 percent during that same time period. The cost of insulin nearly

The United States Supreme Court lifted two injunctions blocking President Donald Trump's ban on transgender service members in the military on Tuesday, voting 5-4 on the issue with the conservative majority winning, according to National Public Radio. The ruling does not allow the Pentagon to immediately begin enforcing the new rules since another nationwide injunction remains in place, but it does not bode well for transgender military service members since the Pentagon could bar transgender

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The most common question we are asked is “What can I do to help?” First, understand that your support of our show and on social media is tremendously valuable. Both to us and to let the…

“It’s nothing like Hollywood portrays it,” says Jane Hart on being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder

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For Walk the Walk week, the Snite Museum of Art has curated a small collection of Civil Rights photography that focuses on the life, death and impact of Martin Luther King Jr. The photographs include work by photojournalists Charles Moore, Dan Budnik and Ernest Withers, among others. While touring the collection, I met with David

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