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This post was originally published on source Blockchain technologies have been fondly called the basis and the beginning of ‘The Internet 3.0’ over the recent years. But what does this mean for the applications and technology companies of today? Blockchain technologies have undoubtedly brought about a new era of technological advancement. Applications of the blockchain as enterprise solutions have allowed for an increased level of efficiency and transparency which did not exist in traditional

China says it plans to begin recruiting civilian astronauts for its military-backed space program and increase the number of crewed missions to

Maybe Luke didn't bow out in 'The Last Jedi' after all?Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill has revealed that he still “refuses to believe” that Luke Skywalker has gone. Hamill played his most

Select Your Caregiver allows care recipients and their families have a say in choosing their caregivers.

Logan Eyeglasses in Hazelnut Tortoise for Women. Logan's round acetate eyewire is offset in stainless steel for a look that's slightly academic and slightly playful. (P.S. The adjustable nosepads are ultra comfy.)

If you’re a caregiver for your elderly loved one and live far away, or can’t be there 24/7, learn how to notice the early warning signs of pneumonia from near and far.

Drowsy driving plays a role in nearly eight times as many accidents as federal estimates suggest, according to a study released Thursday.

Women’s prescription eyeglasses starting at $95, including lenses. Progressive lenses start at $295. Browse our latest styles today.

After eight years in business, Warby Parker is finally launching glasses for little ones. The glasses are smaller versions of some of Warby’s most popular styles (like the Wilkie, Lyle, Louise, Percey, Chamberlain, and Daisy, for those in the know). This means that you and your mini-me could be wearing the exact same glasses in 2018, which will …
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