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The temptations holidays bring do not have to stress those living with diabetes. Being mindful of what you put into your body and considering the following tips from Patient First

By The Goddard School • November 8th, 2018
Part of being a good citizen includes giving back to the community and the world at large. Here are five ways to encourage children to be charitable
1. Start small. Rake the leaves in an elderly neighbor’s yard, take food to an ailing relative or just hold the door for someone. These deeds show your child that small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
2. Donate clothes and toys. Go through your child’s…

Nursing leaders instituted a program that sounds an alarm in seconds when a patient is in respiratory distress.

FDA officials say cell phone radiation causes brain tumors in rats but not humans. Here's what other experts think.

Plus: Playboi Carti, Joji, Choker, Japanese Breakfast, The Coathangers, Tracyanne & Danny, Snoop Dogg, Grails, Mick Jenkins, Cannibal Corpse/Morbid Angel, and more tour news.

Like your furnace or air conditioning system, your hot water heater gets less efficient and is more prone to problems the older it is.

Jingles story is a sad one. She was rescued along with 118 other cats from very unfortunate conditions. None of the cats were receiving veterinary attention ...

Officials are now investigating 252 cases of possible acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) including 90 confirmed cases in 27 states, according to the CDC.

NORRISTOWN — The Norristown Police Department and the Norristown Fire Department will be playing Santa again in their own unique ways.

There are approximately 9,000 nonprofits in Philadelphia and 95,000 in Pennsylvania. It is a competitive and complex market for nonprofit organizations to thrive. Is your organization prepared for the future? Are you asking the proper questions? Is your organization in the best position to succeed? Do you understand your priorities? This engaging workshop provides insight into the unique planning process facilitated by Throw Like a Woman…

History abounds at the 'MARCEL VITI HOUSE'. The details in this 1870's townhouse tells its unique tale. With only 3 owners in nearly 150 years, this is a rar...

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Hot Roast Pork & Gravy
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Meatballs may contain soy flour, wheat flour, yeast, romano cheese, soybean oil. Sauce contains soybean oil, no dairy, no peanut oil. Call for more ingredient and allergy information.
Hot & Sweet Italian Sausage and Sauce

HEALTH have released another song in their ongoing series of collaborative singles. Following ”MASS GRAVE” with indie pop artist Soccer Mommy and ”BODY/PRISON” with synthwave artist Perturbator, they've now dropped ”INNOCENCE” with EBM duo Youth Code...

Lulu is a collie mix with sweet eyes and a silky coat. She enjoys going for walks, delicious treats, and playtime with friends. She could be a match for a si...

Be prepared for major storms or hurricanes by using this checklist to make sure that your family and home stay safe.

Pelvic prolapse is a weakening of the supporting tissues or muscles of the pelvic floor. And it's a silent epidemic.

Basic Dribbling Drills help you become a better all around player. Without dribbling, there is no driving to the hoop, 3 point shots or that fantastic dunk.

STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) has become a vital part of early childhood education.

Have you ever wondered what treasure lies underneath that old wall-to-wall carpeting? If you've been living with carpet and have no idea if there's a beautiful hardwood floor underneath, read our article!

Popular local Misfits cover band Allston Zombies have announced they will play a “one night only” show this Halloween, featuring their original lineup.

Today's Piazza Pet is a male five-year old named Sandy who dressed up in a sweater for Halloween. He has a large head and a smaller frame which give him a un...

Symptoms of the winter blues include sadness, anxiety, withdrawal from social activities, difficulty concentrating and fatigue.

A variety of mental disorders can heighten the risk of suicide in teens. Depression and anxiety can bring the sense of hopelessness and lead to suicidal ideation. Poor coping skills and poor social skills, especially if they stem from Autism or ADHD can be another factor.

There are many good reasons to make time to eat together as a family. Here are 6 of them.

This is Asbury Church's 8th Annual Sounds of Fall Program held every year in the last Saturday in October. this program promotes and showcases the music educ...

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, every minute, 20 people in the U.S. experience intimate partner violence, a tragedy that touches people across all geographies, genders, and demographics.
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – a month set aside to raise the awareness needed to stop the cycle of violence that affects women, men, families, and children throughout the nation.

Advisers to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will meet Thursday to consider whether to recommend approval of a gene therapy aimed at restoring vision fo...

This study showed how being out of shape may be associated with a higher likelihood of earlier death and how this compared to smoking or having diabetes,

Eye problems often hide in plain sight, damaging your delicate visual system before you notice any symptoms. Regular eye exams can help your eye doctor spot common eye conditions and treat them before you lose vision. Here are some of the problems he or she seeks—and the therapies that relieve them.