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So many people are living a life that they actually hate. No matter where you look, it seems like people always want something better. And, if you're honest, you have a list of things you want to see get better as well. But, here's the problem: better isn't always better.

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What is Summer Games? Summer Games is Special Olympics Illinois premiere sports competition with more than 4,000 athletes and Unified Partners competing in 6 different sports, along with 1,600 coaches, 2,000 volunteers and 3,300 family members. That totals almost 11,000 people who attend Summer G

06/17/2018 12:00 PM
Local musicians will play on the CEFCU Summer Stage on the lawn of the BCPA. Bring a picnic and enjoy Lincoln Park. Beverages and snacks will be available for purchase.
Sunday, June 17th

Having the “money” conversation with your kids can go in a lot of directions. Just for fun, we gathered some littles together and asked them what they like to do with their money. Check out what they said. Their answer will brighten your day
By now, if you’re using our ChorePal app , or another chore reward system, you know they can spark conversations about ways to save, spend, and share money. So, we put together a few ideas to help you keep…

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“Reaching new heights: Every part counts when improving aviation safety. Log in to read the latest issue of QW at t.co/TIzG0cV7g1”

Advise clients that infants, children and pets should never be left in a parked car. Temperatures in cars can be 20 or more degrees higher than outdoor temperatures, causing heat-related illness and deaths
Limit outdoor activities and incidents during the mid-day to avoid the day’s hottest temperatures, which are between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m
Use indoor space as an alternative for outdoor activities.
Check in…

Do you spend much of your day pretending to work? You're not alone. A new book explains why.

NORMAL — Flying an American flag is a big responsibility — especially with a flag as big as Young America Realty's.

Office gossip can be fun and make you feel included, but there are healthier ways to bond with your coworkers.

The bulk of these blogs are aimed at clearing the haze around some of the complex issues that cloud the marijuana business.

How should judgment be made? That is, what criteria should be used in judgment?

The question of the atonement is not settled by aspersions cast by contemporary theologians but by biblical exegesis and theological coherence. ...

In my previous post, I argue that the Presbyterian Church in America is ripe for confessional renewal; that we must get back to the basics of Confessional Presbyterianism. We…

George Leighton, the pioneering Civil Rights attorney and judge whose name adorns a Chicago courthouse, has died at the age of 105.

If you feel like there’s no path for advancement, your job may have reached a dead end. Here’s what to do next.

The Coleman HVAC brand of Johnson Controls is applying its 90-day labor limited warranty to all Coleman HVAC residential equipment.

Novatech collaborated with garage door manufacturer Garaga to coordinate Garagaâs garage door designs with Novatechâs entry door designs. Currently, Novatechâs Vog, Prestige and Mundo entry door designs match Garaga's Vog, Prestige and Moderno garage doors
âItâs not only the door designs from Garaga and Novatech, but we now offer a wide range of identical glass styles so that the windows of the garage door and that…

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Theological discipleship through regional reading groups and an annual conference providing pastors and lay leaders with guided exposure to classic theological texts of the Christian tradition.​

As Paul continues to press home the point that all have sinned and are unable to stand on their own before God, he shows us that God is truly “The Just Judge.”

“Celebrate #NationalSmileDay by drumming with friends and enjoying the moment. #ACuriousPlace 🥁 😀”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning that over-the-counter (OTC) oral drug products containing benzocaine should not be used to treat infants and children younger than 2 years.

Post Date: 05/29/2018 2:34 PM
There are three finalists for the City of Bloomington City Manager position. In total, the City received 31 applications, narrowing down its final round of interviews to three candidates. The finalists are (in alphabetical order)
Jim Culotta– Jim Culotta is the City Administrator for Washington, Illinois. As Administrator in Washington and throughout his career…

Experience the wonder of Beaches Resorts, where everyone, at every age, is spoiled with the vacation of their dreams. Create precious moments with family that will linger in your heart forever.

New technology has made it possible to open and close your garage door from your smartphone. Here’s what you need to get started.