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When faced with exhaustion at work, it’s important to remember you have the resources to overcome the task at hand. Follow these simple steps to keep your workday and life productive
Adopt a Bright Attitude
Negativity is the worst thing a person can carry around. It prevents you from being the best you can be. People who have a positive outlook will approach a job with the mindset that they will complete it. They use setbacks to improve their…

Bob Dudley, group chief executive, BP AGM 2018, Manchester Central Convention Complex

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It happens to everyone. An office supply disappears from your desk, and it’s up to you to find where it magically teleported to. In an effort to help you keep the tools that make your workday productive, here are the top five “borrowed” office products. If you have them at your desk, we’d recommend that you take a DYMO LabelWriter and label them immediately with your name – STAT
1. Stapler
The number one office supply to go missing…

How to make a pillow cover with a Chalk Couture Typewriter Transfer - a quick and easy way to make your own pillow covers in minutes.

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Do you find that your back kills after a long day of sitting down? That your neck aches? Or how about soreness in your hands? These are all signs of ill-fitting office furniture, and we’re here to offer you three office chair suggestions that are made to create a healthier workday
Nucleus Mesh Work Chair
The Nucleus Mesh Work Chair was designed with ergonomics in mind. The chair’s back is a lean sculptural seat, which conforms to your body.…

Whether you're looking to sell your home or simply improve its overall appearance, consider upgrading the landscape. These six tips will help you utilize l

car dealer job in chicago with golf mill ford emplyment application will be easy . start your new job today work with dealership

Here's a couple of ideas from readers for organizing bills during all steps of the process from collecting them before payment to filing them after payment.

The are the best blogging tools for beginners, most of which are free (or very cheap)! Affiliate sales or NO affiliate sales, these are the actually tools I use every single day, and recommend fully to beginning bloggers to design their sites, grow their traffic, and manage their marketing.

Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are the new example of the web. It opened new potential results to correspondence and it im...

Welcome to Athletico Cape Girardeau! We offer a variety of physical therapy, rehabilitation and work comp services to help patients get back to doing what

Shop a huge selection of men's shorts at Dickies. From durable work shorts to stylish men's cargo shorts, you're sure to find the shorts to fit your need.

An homage to Stonehenge made of classic cars. A museum devoted to instant noodles. A gnome reserve. We track down some of the world’s wackiest tourist attractions.

'Minelli\'s is a family business that offers delicious Italian specialties, ranging from fresh meats, cheeses, pastas, bakery items and lots more. They\'ve been around for 45 years and have earned the trust of many loyal and long-time customers, along with a great reputation within their local community. They are best known for their delicious house-made Italian sausage, meatballs, prime & choice beef cut to order, as…

From May 1-22, customers at all Macy’s stores will have the opportunity to support Y summer camp scholarships

Homeowners who lost their homes because of the eruption of the Kilauea volcano may not be covered for the loss, even if they have insurance.

Look for products displaying the STOCK YOUR BULLPEN logo.
Buy $10 in participating products and receive your game piece at checkout.
Fill out and send back your WINNING game piece.
Enter to win GREAT prizes like:
Opportunity to present the Lineup Card to Joe Maddon at a Chicago Cubs game
Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox Game game tickets
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Jewel-Osco Gift Cards

Blogging is no longer an untapped market, and it is becoming more and more difficult for posts to stand out from the competition, so you need to follow the evolved best practices to give you the best shot.

Overwhelm- it happens to everyone. This is one of the biggest reason why people hire organizers. We don’t get overwhelmed because we know how to take you from start to finish. To prevent overwhelm stick to these simple rules. Don’t start more than one project at a time and complete a small project before tackling a larger one. Only bite off what you can realisticlly chew. Organizing your master closet is different than organizing the whole basement for a rennovation project. Hire an…

With all the other costs involved in running a business (product development, payroll, advertising, and so on), it’s tempting to want to skimp on packaging. As long as it protects the product reasonably well, why not get by with commodity packaging? Luxury custom packaging, on the other hand, is uniquely tailored to fit your product....

As Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, William Clay Ford Jr. is leading the company that put the world on wheels into the 21st century.