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1/4 cup finely shredded cabbage (optional for crunchy texture)
2 thin slices Swiss cheeseAbout
4 oz. thinly sliced corned beef or pastrami
Mix the Kimchi seasoning into the mayonnaise. If using the cabbage, mix the Kimchi seasoning mixture with the cabbage. Put a slice of cheese on each slice of bread, and then add the Kimchi/mayo/cabbage mixture on both slices. Add the corned beef, and then close the sandwich. If not using the cabbage, spread the Kimchi mayonnaise mixture onto each slice of…

Julia Johnson ’18 M.Div
Last summer, I visited a farm in Georgia where a seasoned southern farmer recalled the years when his animals were confined to feedlots and the land was soaked with pesticides. Instead of muffled oinks and wind rustling through the leaves, he heard the roaring fans and generators of CAFOs – Confined Animal Feeding Operations.
Since converting back to regenerative agriculture, which…

Bond Bright Program and Braille Institute of Santa Barbara set up visually impaired runners with volunteer guides for Nite Moves 5K.

How one rural manufacturer provides hyper-local care by partnering with a nearby hospital

A crisis is a moment of truth that tests a company's readiness, resilience, and character. Watch this video to see crisis management in action.

A 6-week, home-based exercise program improved anxiety, mood, and social and emotional well-being among older patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy in U.S. community oncology practices, researchers reported in Journal of the American Geriatric Society. “A diagnosis of cancer increases the likelihood of experiencing anxiety and mood disturbance, which can affect emotional and social

Adopt and deploy these four strategies to connect with patients when and where they want

Mothers-to-be are putting themselves up for promotion and assuming leadership roles in such industries as technology, media, restaurants, banking and advertising.

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When she was a child, Ayelet Carasso-Sternberg would watch episodes of Star Trek with her father and marvel at the show’s technology-filled future. Fast forward several decades later and during one particularly hungry day at the office, Carasso was lamenting the fact that there was still no food replicator like they had on the Enterprise. …

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I just got a new fridge and a bad case of the giggles. New fridge because the old one couldn’t stop peeing water on the floor at regular intervals

Democrats debate a discarded desegregation scheme decades later.

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From mini to retro-inspired, this season’s bag trend makes a strong case for a pragmatic yet stylish accessory.

On Stanford Radio's The Future of Everything, neurooncologist Michelle Monje discussed developments in the treatment of brain cancer in children.

U.S. women win back-to-back World Cup championships for the first time. After being tied at halftime, they defeated the Netherlands 2-0.

With venture-capital funds flowing freely, the competition to be a “disrupter” is brisk. Thing is, the battle for dominance burns lots of cash and hinders profitability while not disrupting much besides investors.

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Increasingly, yes and with good reason: They’re fast-drying, sporty and stain-resistant. Of course, there’s the pockets question...

The XT series of batteries from Anton Bauer is designed and engineered to give the longest lasting and most reliable Li-ion batteries in their class
With a 12A constant current capability (20A for 2s to deal with inrush on challenging loads), the XT series will power even the most demanding 14.4v cameras and LED fixtures
Each battery comes equipped with a multi-mode backlit display (with touch…

Pollutants from booming farms combined with record wet weather are contaminating the nation's mightiest waterway.

Long an accommodating menswear staple in many parts of the world, the easy, breezy men’s garment is undergoing a revival in designer circles.

Rodenbach brewmaster Rudi Ghequire shares his thoughts on why Flemish red ale is the best beer for any occasion, except death row.

The "Mountain of Hell" — a race in Les Deux Alpes, France that starts with a terrifying descent down a glacier — is not for the faint of heart.

From shopping for fruit to reading in the park, photographer and artist Ana Kraš captures her friend and fellow creative Brie Welch as she moves quietly through a day in her Chinatown neighborhood.

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In many ways, Libra appears to operate more like existing web-payment systems, such as PayPal, than bitcoin. Here’s how Facebook’s new system compares with systems already out there.

Pictured Above: A single planting of Madagascar periwinkle pops in this wooden planter. All photos by Susan Tito by Susan Tito Even though my garden beds keep me more than busy throughout the growi…

Borrowing too much money for college can cause delays in major life-cycle events, such as buying a car, getting married, having children, buying a home and saving for retirement. Student loan payments may divert funds that could be used to achieve these financial goals. Although student loan stress correlates with the amount of debt, low income seems to contribute more to student loan default than high debt.

China’s first big hit in the U.S. uses an advanced algorithm to personalize its addictive video-sharing app, and parent Bytedance’s enormous ad spending on Snap, Facebook and Instagram aims to hook their users. Privacy advocates and parents are taking notice.

In first debates of Democratic presidential primary, candidates outline contrasting visions on college affordability, student debt.

On June 19, 2019, Mac Surette was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident in Waltham. He fought to stay with us, but the extent of his injuries was just too much to overcome and he passed away four days later, at the young age of 17. Mac was passionate about cars and trucks, spending a lot...

An exodus of Latin Americans is exacerbating oversupply at the high-end, but local real estate players are banking on U.S. buyers fleeing high-tax states to give the market a much needed boost.

An oil platform and pipeline belonging to now-defunct Taylor Energy was damaged by a hurricane and sank on Sept. 15, 2004. That spill is still leaking oil.