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More than one in five GoT fans admitted they planned to take a vacation day, personal day or call in sick on Monday. Over the last season alone, the show has cost employers about $3B in lost productivity.

From the artist Jacques Eudel, this orange multicolor cotton blanket is adorned with equestrian imagery throughout.
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STOP John Wayne Airport Expansion - Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, & Corridor Cities Petition

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This week was an exciting one; the 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival kicked off, the movie Booksmart, directed by Olivia... Read More

Although a “rule of thumb” can work well for cooking, it’s not something you want to apply to your life savings and livelihood for decades.

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Two Quick Notes
1. This Saturday and Sunday, SueJeanne Koh-Parsons and I will be offering a dialogue sermon on “Crossing Boundaries” based on Acts 11:1-18. I think you’ll find it to be interesting, since the style of presentation and the story that we’re presenting will correspond with each other quite a bit.
2. Next Saturday, May 25, Chris and I are hosting a reception in the Fellowship Hall after worship to celebrate Nic’s graduation from University of California Irvine with a degree in…

•Financial Services Marketing ala Chief Experience Evangelist• As the SVP, COO, & CXE (Chief Experience Evangelist) at Sun Community Federal Credit Union, B

Gotta let the world know in subtle ways. #fyp #relatable #cuffedpants #imdesperate

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Emsculpt is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment that simultaneously burns fat while building muscle. The end result is a more toned, muscular physique. Find out of this treatment is right for you. Free consultation. Serving Orange County, CA

Get tickets to Album Attack takes on Peter Gabriel "So" at The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa, CA on 09/19/19

Get tickets to Album Attack takes on The Strokes "Is This It" at The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa, CA on 08/15/19

Stunning residence designed by 4d designs located in Perth, Australia.

Here are four things you might consider doing along with updating your LinkedIn profile.

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These rich, meatless main dishes give vegetarians a serious reason to dust off the grill this season. Photo by Renee Comet 2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved Grilled Cauliflower Steak with Israeli Couscous and Olives Summer means steak on the grill, even if you are going meatless. Wrapping cauliflower rubbed with harissa (a North African spiced chile paste) in foil before you grill it helps it become tender quickly, but it still chars nicely right through the foil. Get the

On May 2, 2019, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that the California Supreme Court’s decision in Dynamex v. Superior Court, which applies a new test to determine if a worker is an employee or independent contractor, applies retroactively. Vazquez v. Jan-Pro Franchising International Inc.

Review in progress. Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes is gorgeous but kinda disturbingly pricy. Still, it's a second to none Apple Watch experience that you can ba...

In Building a Business with a Beat, Judi reveals for the first time the secrets behind the company’s five decades of enormous success. In addition to helping millions of men and women improve their health and well-being through the fun and fitness of dance, Judi has inspired 8,500 franchisees to achieve their dream of owning and running their own business…

First time selling a home? Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help smooth out the process.

NACD Peer Exchanges are designed to provide directors the unique opportunity to discuss board performance and leadership challenges with distinguished peers and subjet-matter experts. All NACD peer exchanges are complimentary forums and a unique benefit available to NACD Full Board members and Fellows. Other members and non-members can request an invitation and may be accepted on a limited basis.

Whether you're writing a resume for the first time or need to update your resume, these quick tips will help you feel empowered and inspired to refresh your

In addition to programming languages, software developers can now use low-code (and in some cases no-code) platforms and tools to provide welcome shortcuts that can be used to inject elements of pre-defined business logic and functionality into our apps.

On Monday May 6, 2019, a Florida federal judge denied a strip club’s bid for sanctions against an exotic dancer and her lawyer who filed a so-called “cookie-cutter” Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit, depriving the strip club of the chance to recoup. The next day, on Tuesday, May 7, 2019, a Texas state jury awarded a plaintiff $80 million – of which $75,000,000 was in punitive damages – to a truck driver who fell asleep and crashed behind the wheel, when his supervisors…

Donating stock can financially benefit both donors and donees, unlike just writing a check. Learn more about the benefits and how to donate stock to charity.

YouTube is testing a new process that would use machine learning to automatically generate shorter video ad variants, based on longer creative,

Creativity is fleeting. Creating a 'brain dump' file is the first step towards easily generating more creative ideas for your content.