Travel in Newark, NJ

Having charmed New Yorkers at Una Pizza Napoletana, he’ll open another on the Jersey Shore.

The company behind Teachers Village wants to bring 226 units and retail to 101 Market Street in Downtown Newark. Jersey Digs has the exclusive renderings.

Jews observe Biur Chametz (burning of the bread) in Lakewood before start of Passover

On the streets of Trenton, actors depict the path in Jerusalem Jesus Christ walked leading up to his crucifixion

The weather is getting hot, so it's time for our coffee to get cold. Or, iced, to be specific.

If you’ve always wanted to see New York City but thought it was too expensive, January is the perfect time to go.

Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company, a 15-employee restaurant or a one-person plumbing service, online reviews can make or break your business.

Robert Cortopassi, President, OpenEdge shares his views on ISV Healthcare Trends: 2017 Recap/2018 Predictions in latest DevPro Journal article.

Earlier this month, Iranian researchers published an article in journal Nutrition, reporting the results of their study into the link between junk food consumption and mental health
The researchers studied data of nearly 13,500 students ranging from 6–8 years old, which was collected through Global School Health Survey questionnaires completed by the students and their parents
Here are some key findings from the research results:

Tina Tormanen, a nature photographer based in Finland, has shown the world how Finland transforms into a wonderland in winters due to its sparkling and snowy landscapes under the starry skies with the brilliant Northern Lights. This seasonal phenomenon is captured perfectly by Tina. With such expertise and precision exhibited in each photo in the backdrop of shimmering blues, greens and purples, you will get a…

One of the main islands in the Canaries is a true paradise on earth. Don’t wait a minute longer to discover every corner of this 200-kilometer coastline of seaside views.