Business in University Heights - Newark, NJ

The Pennsylvania man was on the run from authorities since June, U.S. Marshals said.

The brand is raising money for ARF, a nonprofit that provides rescue dogs to veterans such as Houston-born Brandon Gray then shows them how to turn their pups into full-fledged service animals.

The truck driver, a 55-year-old Rutherford man, was not issued any summonses as the investigation continued.

Turn on, turn up, and drop out with the sounds of real-life tweets and streams from our national parks.

A new study looked at measures such as hiring bilingual staff, doing outreach in immigrant communities, and encouraging participation in the economy and civic life.

Backstage before the show, Scott told Vogue his new Moschino collection was a celebration of creating a collection.

Mustafa Hill admitted killing Armani McPhall in Newark in 2016. It is Hill's second homicide conviction.

The American RUSH Tribute - LOTUS LAND is an authentic 3 piece RUSH tribute band dedicated to being the closest thing to RUSH as possible.

In the “Region of the Lakes”, located on top of a mountain on the Peninsula of Lonconaos Lake, about fifteen kilometers from the city of Futaleufú, in the Chilean Patagonia, this small but charming cabin frames its main view towards the lake and everything else is forgotten before the wonderful views. It has 65 square meters of construction and was designed by the architectural firm Paul Steel Bouza Arquitecto in..

Smoke pouring from the building was visible to passengers, but airport operations were not affected

Transforming the Youth Justice System: A Black child in New Jersey is 30 times more likely to be incarcerated than a white child -- the highest disparity rate in America. Thus, even though research shows that Black and white young people commit most offenses at similar rates, just 22 white kids are incarcerated in New Jersey
In the wake of the historic youth prison closure announcements…