Business in Springfield-Belmont - Newark, NJ

North American travel retailer Hudson Group on Tuesday announced it won new business at Indianapolis International Airport, bringing exciting national brands and one-of-a-kind retail concepts to the Hoosier state. According to a press release, the 10-year contract, which is part of the airport’s concessions refresh program, includes nine stores and nearly 9,000 incremental square feet ...

Hudson Group and Paradies Lagardère are among five groups that have been awarded contracts for specialty retail and services at Indianapolis International Airport (IND)
These contracts are the first round of approvals IND will make as part of its concessions refresh initiative that launched in 2016 to address the pending expiration of 43 existing retailers, services, and food and beverage locations. The airport said the new…

Phil Oh is on the ground in Paris shooting the best looks outside Dior, Chanel, and more.

The fashion house released their new list of Gucci Places, from New York to Seoul.

The complete Chanel Spring 2019 Couture fashion show now on Vogue Runway.

At press conference, the governor takes a few cheap shots at the Star-Ledger. Here's our answer.

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos this year will be the epicenter of two of the world’s most important trends: 5G and the rise of China.

New album by Andy Suzuki & The Method now streaming everywhere.

Cognizant Technology Solutions on the World’s Most Admired Companies via @FortuneMagazine

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