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Welcome to Adopt A Highway Litter Removal Service of America, We are a marketing and management company for Sponsor-A-Highway programs throughout the US.

"My principal suddenly wants weekly call reports and quote updates," said a MANA representative member. "I need to spend my time selling, not writing reports. And isn't there some sort of IRS rule against call reporting for independent contractors like

Seeger Weiss partner Chris Seeger was appointed today Interim Co-Lead Counsel in the nationwide lawsuit against...

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this article used the example of the killing of thai muslims to illustrate the point how terrorism, islamophobia, the war on terror is making life di

Crock pot chicken soup is so versatile and delicious. Add your favorite ingredients to create new versions that will delight the family.

Cognizant U.K. and Ireland—AI and automation are transforming how we work and the roles we perform. Discover 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next decade.

Larkspur & Hawk are reviving coach covers, or protective gold globes to snap over your jewelry.

Li-Ning is the Chinese sportswear brand founded by a former Olympian that’s trying to make strides in the West.

Can living with less give you more? This new skin-care line from Los Angeles says yes.

Get your groove on under the stars this summer as one of the hottest lineups of hip-hop, soul, funk and R&B artists is showcased at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) for two months of electrifying, free Thursday night concerts.

The TIDA-01494 reference design is a compact, high efficiency, 24-V DC, 480-W nominal, 720-W peak output reference design for industrial AC/DC power supplies. The circuit consists of a front-end continuous conduction mode (CCM) power factor correction (PFC) circuit followed by a robust LLC stage wit

These classes are for general contractors who are looking to advance their careers and become New Jersey State Inspectors for local municipalities. They are open to anyone with an interest in construction and mandatory for those desiring licensure in building, electrical, elevator, fire protection, plumbing; and administrative licensure in sub-code official, construction official, and technical assistance. The courses focus on technical needs…

Your favorite part-time appetizer, Buffalo Jalapeño Popper Casserole, gets a keto-friendly makeover in this simple yet tasty one-dish recipe. ► Keto Buffalo ...

Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi has summarized the central theme and sub-themes in each Surah of the Quran based on the structure of the Surah.

These are the biggest money questions you should be asking your parents to help them -- and you -- maintain the financial success your whole family wants.