Business in South Ironbound - Newark, NJ

First-responders, high school football players and others pulled a rope across the towns' shared inlet.

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The incident was the third reported shooting that left at least five people injured in a 36-hour span, including two Friday.

Christopher Porrino, who served as Chris Christie's state Attorney General, has been brought on by the governor.

As you age, your body has a harder time repairing and creating muscle tissue—just when you need muscle to avoid accidents.

The Essex County Freeholder Board called for the ouster of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesman for New Jersey but have not budged on ending its controversial contract...

New York singer-songwriter Mitski flailed and danced and sang a heap of new songs in Philadelphia Friday night

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NEW YORK (AP) — Beneath sparkling chandeliers hanging in the famed Rainbow Room, as a gala crowd dotted with rock stars sat around white-clothed dinner tables, Ringo Starr stood at a podium and described what it felt like to be 30 years sober. With wife Barbara Bach Starkey — herself a recovering alcoholic — at his side, the former Beatle described what it took for him to get help and called for more resources and acceptance for the treatment movement that saved their…

After learning a notary in South Jersey never filed the marriage certificate in 1957, they made it official last month

They're foes in New Jersey politics. But they're also friends. Julie Roginsky is a Democratic strategist. Michael DuHaime is a Republican strategist.

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Union County Freeholder Chairman Sergio Granados and Freeholder Angel G. Estrada joined Union County College President Dr. Margaret McMenamin, New Jersey’s Secretary of Higher Education Dr. Zakiya...

Two people were shot Friday night, the fourth and fifth reported shooting victims on the streets of Jersey City in less than 36 hours.

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Looking for the perfect way to get your water and a whole lot more? Make up a jug of this delicious tea and drink it as often as you want
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2 bag roasted dandelion root tea
2 whole stalk celery
Put water in a large, clean jug with a wide mouth.
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Put lid on the jug,…

I fear the Miami Herald’s Oct. 7 editorial, “Victims, felons, dogs part of state’s 12 Amendments,” missed the value and significance of the proposal for Amendment 11.

When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am El Shaddai. Walk with me and be trustworthy. Genesis 17:1 The aged couple Abram and Sarai cannot have children; Abrah…

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Mega Millions jackpot has soared to an estimated $1 billion, as the second-largest lottery prize in U.S. lottery history gets even bigger. Lottery officials increased the grand prize just hours ahead of the Friday night drawing. The prize climbed from $970 million. Although the jackpot keeps increasing , the odds of winning remain stuck at a miserable one in 302.5 million.

From over-the-top feathers to breezy caftans, these are the trends defining Fall 2019 bridal.

The investigation by Kentucky police began after they received a complaint that the man had sent harassing Facebook messages to a New Jersey woman.

Judge Mitzy Galis-Menendez ruled that prosecutors did not present a faulty presentation to the grand jury that indicted the four men.

The slasher movie is a horror mainstay for good reason. It’s an elemental, effective formula: a faceless killer stalks victims in everyday locations. Movies like the Friday the 13th and Halloween...

It’s a pairing that would make any metal music listener do a double take.