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Ask yourself why you’re still holding on – Question every item you find no matter what. Ask yourself why it is still in your possession. Are you keeping this item because it makes you happy? Have you used this item within the last year? Do you see yourself using it again in the near future? If not, it belongs in the trash. Don’t think twice. Just get rid of it
Remember your memories aren’t in physical objects – It can be hard to…

Approximately 3,500 gymnasts from 100 teams participated in the 22nd Annual SBGA Star Struck Invitational.

Women’s marches occurred across the nation today—and the signage was as clever as ever.

A Silver Spring, Maryland, man has been sentenced to serve 15 years in prison in a prostitution and sex-abuse case that highlights MS-13 brutality and human trafficking.

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The Center for Migration Studies, a New York-based research institute, said that from 2016-2017, visa overstayers made up 62 per cent of newly undocumented migrants.

As the president fights to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, the journalists Azam Ahmed and Meridith Kohut are driving along the approximately 1,900-mile border and sending dispatches.

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Listing if for a SINGLE heart. Please read entire listing. Pretty handmade larger hanging glass hearts. Would look pretty hanging on a Christmas tree, in a window, your garden, or even in the rear-view mirror of your car. Listing is for a single heart. Hearts in pictures are EXAMPLES. Color

Moses said to them, “This is the bread that the Lord has given you to eat. This is what the Lord has commanded: ‘Collect as much of it as each of you can eat, one omer per person. You may collect f…

If you are accused of a crime and arrested in Galveston County, Texas, you better hope you can afford to pay the preset bail amount to get out of jail. If not, then you will join hundreds of other people who are incarcerated simply because they cannot afford to buy their freedom. In Galveston and communities across the country, there is one pretrial detention system for the poor and an entirely different one for everyone else.Thirty-six-year-old Aaron Booth found this out the hard…

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