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Seeger Weiss partner Chris Seeger was appointed today Interim Co-Lead Counsel in the nationwide lawsuit against...

Cognizant U.K. and Ireland—AI and automation are transforming how we work and the roles we perform. Discover 21 new jobs that will emerge over the next decade.

Larkspur & Hawk are reviving coach covers, or protective gold globes to snap over your jewelry.

Li-Ning is the Chinese sportswear brand founded by a former Olympian that’s trying to make strides in the West.

Can living with less give you more? This new skin-care line from Los Angeles says yes.

Get your groove on under the stars this summer as one of the hottest lineups of hip-hop, soul, funk and R&B artists is showcased at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) for two months of electrifying, free Thursday night concerts.

In this seminar video , Dan Holohan takes us on tour of radiant-heating systems throughout time and across the world. Many thanks to the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen for recording this seminar and sharing it with us.

These are the biggest money questions you should be asking your parents to help them -- and you -- maintain the financial success your whole family wants.

When President Trump signed his executive order on family separation on Wednesday, he proclaimed, “We are keeping families together and this will solve that problem.” But while the order may stop the prolonged, forcible separation of children from their families going forward, it by no means solves the problem.More than 2,300 children have been taken away from their parents and sent to shelters, facilities and foster…

Self Lender review: This single mom discovered a simple tool that helped her raise her credit score 100 points in just one year.

The mantra fail fast, fail often, was popularized by a book of the same title which encourages readers to suspend their fear of failure and let their enthusiasm to guide them. Sadly, when it comes to marketing this advice is simply a recipe for wasted marketing spend if you do not know things are not going to plan.

In a media environment where both public and private organizations are repeatedly placed under scrutiny by an increasingly values-driven public, communicators a