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Banks that provide business loans look for specific characteristics. Are you eligible for a business loan? Use this helpful infographic to find out
When you’re in the market for a business loan time is usually of the essence. Whether you’re in the market to expand or need a business loan to help pay expenses facts are facts: you need an injection of cash fast!
Business loans have requirements that extend beyond traditional consumer financing. When faced with the prospect of obtaining a business…

Examine the company profile of Extraco Banks and learn about Extraco Banks jobs and career opportunities on

The mortgage preapproval, for years a crucial step in the home-buying process, is losing its luster with lenders, new data shows
A mortgage preapproval is a written commitment lenders give to buyers that states the maximum size home loan they can get as well as the likely interest rate. Buyers rely on preapprovals to make sure they’re shopping for a home that’s in their price range. But new federal data suggests lenders are scaling back on preapprovals. Among the top 25…

The banking industry is failing to deliver the level of personalized services and financial solutions today's digital consumers desire.

The 75 banks that earned a spot on our fifth annual ranking of the Best Banks to Work For could inspire you with their ideas for creating a culture of both positivity and high performance.

A revolutionary digital ledger offers a secure way to exchange funds without the involvement of a central financial authority.