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On behalf of the Plainfield Community School Corporation and the Plainfield Police Department, in...

RFID was first piloted in three stores to ensure the technology would meet our requirements, measuring RFID read performance and improvements in inventory accuracy,

While the educators from the Newport Aquarium's "Shark Cart" program clearly know a lot about sha...

Meet Lisa Chandler, who teaches Science and Social Studies to 6th grade students at Plainfield Co...

The BarCode News Spring 2018 magazine issue is now available

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Weekend Brunch - Truly an epic experience. Join the many who enjoy brunch every weekend at Chandni with family and friends.
Exclusive items for brunch only.
Freshly made dishes.

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Attorney Rosa Elena Sahagún prides herself in her continuous effort to serve the community at large. Her high school years were marked by the birth of her son and despite this challenge, she graduated from Santa Ana High School with Honors. Ms. Sahagún completed her undergraduate studies at Chapman University from where she received a Bachelor of Arts in English, also with…

by Al Duggan May 10, 2018
In an industry where it is often hard to keep track of all the terms and acronyms without a guidebook, we are continuing our efforts to add substance to your payment vocabulary. Here’s another list of 10 payment industry terms you may want to know
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
An electronic clearing and settlement system in which payment orders are exchanged among financial institutions. In the US, the ACH network processes large volumes of credit and debit…

Like that time you somehow "lost" your report card
Or that time you tried to trade your brother for Nintendo games.
Or that time you threw a party when they were away (they know by the way).
Or that time you got an A but not an A+.
Or the fact that you didn't become a doctor.
Just saying. We love our Moms.
Show Mom how much you care with a special Mother's Day Brunch! Bring your family and receive a complimentary family…

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown shows off his insane sneaker collection at his massive 12-room mansion in Miami that includes Yeezys, Balenci...

'Like a fantastical apparition out of a Neil Gaiman novel, the Bay Area Night Market returns, popping up in the Newpark Mall parking lot with delicious food from around the world, handmade merchandise, vintage arcade games and music. Chow down on a variety of foods, from Indian to Hawaiian to Puerto Rican, then treat yourself to a macaroon ice cream sandwich or an outrageous take on…

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DevBatch Successfully Landed a Software Development Contract with a Prominent Chinese Technology Company
Recently a delegation of CEOs and senior leadership of top IT firms; represented Pakistan at 15th Edition of HKTDC International ICT Expo in Hong Kong, under the banner of [email protected] (Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT)
[email protected] is a registered trade body which was founded in the year 1992. It is primarily concerned…

It’s difficult for us to think about using the company blog to admit we’ve made mistakes; and it becomes more painful based on the deep and abiding respect we have for our colleagues who work tirelessly to provide great customer service. It’s difficult to admit we aren’t perfect, but sometimes we need to look in the mirror and report what we see. The fact is, in the past, OpenEdge customer service has not – in some cases - met the expectations of our…