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A teenager seeks to escape from her remote commune just after the fall of Pinochet in this atmospheric but elusive drama

In Colorado Springs, businesses are suing the military for perfluorinated compounds, which some are calling “Agent Orange 2.0”

Political experts believe the vote could give more insight into national politics in each member state, rather than on the future of the EU itself.

Politics are also a central focus as voting in the EU elections begins and Brexit uncertainty continues to dampen investor sentiiment.

Shares of Chinese telecommunications heavyweight Huawei's suppliers took a hit on Thursday afternoon amid the ongoing fallout surrounding the Chinese telecommunications giant.

Police say an 18-year-old woman used the promise of sex to lure a robbery victim to his death at a North Dallas apartment complex this month....

Shortly before my 25th reunion at Harvard University, I wrote op-eds opposing legacy preferences, the troubling practice of colleges and universities giving a leg up in admissions to their own alumni. I knew from experience to expect blowback, but I was shocked by the intensity of my classmates' reaction. Many called me a traitor.

Clashes between protesters and Indonesian security forces continued on Wednesday night as crowds continued to show their rage over the result of last month's presidential election , according to Reuters. Central Jakarta was filled with instances of tear gas, rubber bullets, projectiles, and firecrackers as protesters tore apart street signs and set fire to security posts and food stalls. The capital’s governor, Anies Baswedan, said six people were killed during riots on the first night which was

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Here’s a look at what each of the candidates for the Democratic nomination has said about impeaching President Trump.

Maine became the 25th state in the United States to have a confirmed case of measles on Wednesday, according to The Hill. A state official said a child was infected but is now fully recovered as the country fights the worst outbreak of the disease in a quarter century. The child's measles case was confirmed on Monday in Somerset County and was vaccinated so they had no complications during the course of treatment for the disease, according to Maine's Center For Disease Control…

Patio weather has us craving crisp, refreshing wines, like this well-priced dry rosé from Southern France's Pays d'Oc wine region. It's made by...

Sure, it's hard. You've got the majority in the House and you can't get a single administration witness -- current or former -- to testify. You're trying to get the President's tax returns. You have the special counsel's 448-page report, but even Robert Mueller is trying to figure out a way to avoid a public spectacle.

“Knox Martin: Radical Structures” on view at Hollis Taggart in New York through June 1, 2019.

GREENWICH - A prominent artist with roots in Connecticut, and who is one of the leading practitioners of modern abstraction, will be the subject of a major exhibition at the Bruce Museum this month
The show on Milton Avery will also feature a close look at the artist's family life, and the artistic endeavors of his wife and daughter, both accomplished painters in their own right. The exhibit will focus on their travels around New England on summer holdiays.
"Summer with the Averys:…

Emo favorites Oso Oso are returning this summer with Basking In The Glow, their first album since signing to Triple Crown last year in the wake of 2016's hit The Yunahon Mixtape. Along with details on the new album, today we get to hear its lead single. "Dig (II)" presents a crisp, muscular yet gently sighing version of indie rock. "Yeah, there's this hole in my soul," Jade Lilitri sings. "How far do you wanna go?" By the time the track reaches its…

To fail with success in mind, you must embrace and strengthen these four important qualities, according to Omer Khan, CEO and co-founder of VividTech.

An iPhone XS costs the most in Brazil, Turkey, and Argentina, and the least in Nigeria. They sell for about $1,251 in the United States.

With momentum building toward impeachment hearings, the president threw a public temper tantrum.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos got a surprise request during the company's annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday, but he took it in stride.

When I arrived at Lidia Bastianich’s sprawling Mediterranean-Tudor in Douglaston’s Historic District, her longtime stylist Lisa Makowski was still preening the boss: a daub of powder to the nose, a soupçon under the eyeglasses. Multiple shirt options hung on the kitchen door; an Emmy Award–winning television personality knows what shades will woo the camera.