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Life coach Susie Moore, the author of What If It Does Work Out? shares the questions that will help you find clarity.

The Wedding Crashers star was picked up by police about 30 minutes outside of LA.

At fairlife, we use a patented cold-filtration system to remove the lactose and sugars from cow’s milk, while concentrating the protein, calcium, and other essential vitamins naturally found in milk. The result is a deliciously creamy ultra-filtered milk with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than other conventional milks. fairlife.com

After 33 years, Larry Silverstein felt it was time for a change.
He and his wife, Klara, moved out of their long-time home on Park Avenue for a pen

An ambulance and car are towed away after they collided and the ambulance overturned on Hardscrabble Road at Daniel Road in North Salem June 17, 2018.

There There is a novel about community, about love lost and found and maybe lost again. But it's also specifically about American Indian characters who are struggling with varied forms of oppression, from poverty to addiction to cultural loss.

Watch extremely realistic limbs, complete with hair and freckles, get made from beginning to end.

Summer arrives Thursday, June 21, 2018. Summer temperatures get here early.

After a tumultuous and eye-opening seven-months full of travelling thrills and amazing backpacking journeys I've found myself once again jotting down my travel plans for the next couple of years. Keep reading to reveal the top eight destinations that made it to my bucket list and find out the reasons I've shortlisted each of these wondrous places in which I hope to fully immerse very soon.

A writer looks in the mirror and sees his father staring back. And tries to understand a difficult relationship.

Michael Cohen's in-laws, Fima and Ania Shusterman, have put three apartments in Trump World Tower on the market for a cumulative $11.2 million.

After two years, Ellen Archer has put her stamp on the group.

The continent is losing ice almost three times as fast since 2007, and it's definitel not a good sign.

Contrary to popular misconception, authoritarian regimes rarely get the job done.

The Bank of International Settlements just told the cryptocurrency world it’s not ready for prime time -- and as far as mainstream financial services go, may never be.

President Donald Trump pushed back against criticism that he gave too much ground to North Korea at last week’s summit, saying the U.S. “got so much” out of the meeting, including the return of American citizens.

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For nearly 40 years, Mr. Reese shaped tastes, cultivated collectors and advised museums and libraries from his by-appointment-only store in New Haven.

Central Expressway in Richardson and Plano reopened earlier than expected after the Texas Department of Transportation shut down all traffic in...

To keep his job for the next 200 days, the speaker caves in to Trump's cruelty on immigration.

Justice Department didn't petition the Supreme Court to rehear the case. A mandate from the 5th Circuit would finally lay the fiduciary rule to rest.

Brewster High School Class of 2018 valedictorian Christopher McCarthy walks up to the stage to give his address during the Brewster High School graduation at Western Connecticut University in Danbury, CT. June 16, 2018.