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Astronomical gap between the pay of workers and bosses exposed in report on earnings of America’s top 350 CEOs

Ford's turnkey drag-racing special pulls at the heartstrings with a name from Mustang's past.

Drivers made a mad dash Tuesday to register their cars with Uber and Lyft as the mayor signed into law a first-of-its-kind, one-year cap on e-hail cars. A line of eager applicants stretched around …

Businesses, get ready: The phishers are paying more attention to you. No company has ever been completely safe from criminals, whether it’s the type that steals in person or the hackers who do it digitally. But there is mounting evidence that phishers are turning more attention to enterprises and away from individuals — and at […]

In April 2015, plaintiff Jeff Young bought some expensive LED light bulbs at Walmart made by Cree. He alleged that, within three months, the bulbs had ...

Whether or not you tend to celebrate the turning over of the calendar with excessive libations, for most of us the New Year’s hangover is a fact of life.
In reality, December 31st and January 1st are just days like any other, but the arbitrary significance we assign to the passing of a year provides an opportunity for reflection.

As election preparations in the Democratic Republic of Congo proceed, President Joseph Kabila has announced he will not run for re-election. He may hope this important move will relieve outside pressure for free and fair elections. International actors should keep up the scrutiny.

Walmart showed its might in the second quarter, with earnings and sales that topped the Street amid surging digital sales and a jump in store sales.

American singer and musician Aretha Franklin, who received an honorary degree at Harvard University's 2014 Commencement, opened the Morning Exercises in Terc...

JMToWin's One Week Season provides access to the same NFL DFS research and information the pros are collecting for themselves. Level the playing field! #EveryEdgeCounts

An international coalition of researchers has identified a new Intel security flaw bearing a close resemblance to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities revealed earlier this year. Intel said it was

Get a first look at the style and grace that is Pretty Woman: The Musical. One of the most beloved romances of all time is now on Broadway! Pretty Woman: The...

ALBANY – Adorned with surgical masks and signs declaring some have served food while sick, a few dozen people lined the walls of the Albany County Legislature’s chambers Monday in silen…

Want to hear glowing praise. Mention Bobby McCain’s name to Coach Adam Gase. Or mention his name to defensive coordinator Matt Burke. Or, for that matter, mention it to just about anyone within the framework of the Dolphins organization
The ascent of Bobby McCain from a fifth-round draft choice in 2015 to one of the most important and versatile players on this defense has been a feel good story that has reached yet another level this summer.
McCain began training camp as…

Public Health England (PHE) has revealed new data showing that the way that cancer patients are diagnosed can affect their treatment options. - News - PharmaTimes

Stars are choosing comfort sporting slippers as if they were regular shoes — see the photos!

Researchers have discovered that a class of drugs being developed to treat cancer can also help prompt liver regeneration after severe injury, raising hopes of a new treatment that might help some patients avoid a liver transplant. - News - PharmaTimes

It is exactly five years since Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper stable made its audacious – and we can now say almost calamitous – move to put The Sun behind a digital paywall.