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Life coach Susie Moore, the author of What If It Does Work Out? shares the questions that will help you find clarity.

In memorial to the renowned astrophysicist, a song featuring Hawking's voice got beamed to a black hole.

The Wedding Crashers star was picked up by police about 30 minutes outside of LA.

Get inspired to treat yourself this National Relaxation Day.

This couple realized filling their 1000 square foot Brooklyn rental would be expensive, so they turned to affordable finds, Ikea hacks, and hand-me-downs.

After 33 years, Larry Silverstein felt it was time for a change.
He and his wife, Klara, moved out of their long-time home on Park Avenue for a pen

The text came unexpectedly a few months ago. Sent by a relative, the message was embedded with a video that revealed a grainy, almost ghostly...

An ambulance and car are towed away after they collided and the ambulance overturned on Hardscrabble Road at Daniel Road in North Salem June 17, 2018.

New Yorkers can show their zone by putting their preparedness on display with a Know Your Zone window sticker. Request one today!
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There There is a novel about community, about love lost and found and maybe lost again. But it's also specifically about American Indian characters who are struggling with varied forms of oppression, from poverty to addiction to cultural loss.

According to a new report from WCCFtech, citing "sources familiar with the entire situation," Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5 for short) will launch in 2020 and be powered by AMD's Navi GPU chip. "While it was previously reported that the much-anticipated console will be using AMD's Ryzen CPU tech, it loo...

Khalid Al-Falih has had a good run, but can he keep Trump, Putin and the rest of OPEC happy?

Watch extremely realistic limbs, complete with hair and freckles, get made from beginning to end.

There's a lot to consider when you're starting an event coordinating business. Here are six key things you need to do before launching your company.

A go, go, go presence on the international fashion week circuit, the It girl and soon-to-be designer knows a thing or two about traveling in style. For starters, Chung really likes her Uggs, and not just because she's getting paid by the brand: "It's like shoe crack."

Grab a spoon! These delicious ice cream sundaes won't last long. Check out our list of sweet picks—some single-serve, some meant for sharing.

Bill Clinton and James Patterson have the #1 book in the country with 'The President Is Missing' and more in our analysis of this week's bestseller lists.

Frank Christlieb’s quest to find his birth family didn’t last long. But what he learned about the man who fathered him was both unexpected and shocking.

To ensure that your feed is always filled with helpful plant info, we rounded up ten of the coolest plant accounts to follow on IG.

Summer arrives Thursday, June 21, 2018. Summer temperatures get here early.

After a tumultuous and eye-opening seven-months full of travelling thrills and amazing backpacking journeys I've found myself once again jotting down my travel plans for the next couple of years. Keep reading to reveal the top eight destinations that made it to my bucket list and find out the reasons I've shortlisted each of these wondrous places in which I hope to fully immerse very soon.

An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from a report written by behavioral scientists Kathleen D. Vohs and Andrew C. Hafenbrack: The practical payoff of mindfulness [meditation] is backed by dozens of studies linking it to job satisfaction, rational thinking and emotional resilience. But on the face ...

A writer looks in the mirror and sees his father staring back. And tries to understand a difficult relationship.

WINCHESTER, VA—Telling reporters that he can’t help but feel a little hurt, 52-year-old local father Trevor Jackson expressed his surprise and disappointment Sunday that his lawn didn’t bother to get him anything for Father’s Day this year. “It’s not like I expect a big production on Father’s Day or anything, but I guess I thought my lawn would get me some sort of little present—a card, at the very least,” said Jackson, adding that as the day went on, he slowly realized he…

Michael Cohen's in-laws, Fima and Ania Shusterman, have put three apartments in Trump World Tower on the market for a cumulative $11.2 million.