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Grace Church Cathedral member William 'Bill' Connellee died Sunday, September 16. A service will be held at Grace. Service details will follow at a later date.
Rest eternal grant him, O Lord; let light perpetual shine upon him.

Come and explore the Dominican-American artist Joiri Minaya's new site-specific installation Redecode II: La Dorada from...

The Manning Report - The Manning Report with Dr. James David Manning is a live broadcast, which airs Monday-Friday, 9AM-12 Noon EST. It seeks to offer the news behind the headlines on national and international issues that can be understood by the average man. It also provides biblical sound teachings that will help explain the many obstacles and dilemmas people are facing on a daily basis.

Exhibit on his short-lived People’s Art School in Vitebsk suggests a rethinking of his work.

Explanation Of The Tribulation, Your Being The Blessed Elect Continues (14 Sept 2018) Trust In The Lord Hour
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The awards show, honoring excellence in television, produced some clear winners and losers when it came to fashion.

Glenn Weiss, who won an award for directing the Oscars, pulled off a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Jan, as Hollywood and the audience collectively melted.

Dr. Matthew Might is developing a strategy for people seeking treatments for little-known ailments.

Jessie James Decker triggered a big time social media response last month when she posted to Instagram a photo of herself holding a glass of rosé while breastfeeding her son. The country singer’s caption said: “Cheers bitches.”

High Touch Moving System provides all long distance moving services and local moving services for businesses offices and residents of Queens Manhattan & Brooklyn

We all know flu shots are recommended for nearly everyone, but who shouldn't get them? Find out when you should avoid flu vaccines.

New York City's leading center for complete ballet education, Ballet Academy East (BAE) today announced the appointment of Jenna Lavin as Principal of the BAE Pre-Professional Division. A BAE faculty member since 2003, Lavin has been teaching ballet to young dancers throughout her career and has choreographed over 20 ballets for Ballet Academy East.

It has become a truism in the study and in the public presentation of Paleolithic cave art that we will likely never know what it means.

Increasing the conversation around authentication options for electronic resources will ensure that customers and content providers are working as partners to maintain a secure library environment.

Netflix's delirious revisit of Norwegian TV hit Maniac, a screening of gun documentary Weapon Of Choice, and a podcast on Russian cyberbots fuelling disinformation

We tapped Luke's Lobster for their tips on how to have a lobster boil in your apartment - and do it in a sustainable way, to boot! Created by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Inspec is a leading database providing indexing…

Interested in a tummy tuck, but wondering how long the swelling lasts following the procedure? Get the answer here in this 60-second update from Dr. Steven W...

How Painful is a Tummy Tuck? Get the answer here from Dr. Steven Wallach in his 60-second update. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. walla...

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common surgical procedures, but how is it performed? Get the answer here from Dr. Steven Wallach in this 60-second update. To ...

Use our infographic to learn about how chronic insomnia can affect your health, including suggestions for better sleep.

Pastor Manning Says Tribulation Trump Has Promised The White Man Treasure On Earth
(10 September 2018) Trust In The Lord Hour
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