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It’s an unabashedly sweet movie that doesn’t deconstruct its tropes. It just executes them beautifully.

A spy plane, fearsome fighter jets and a gigantic airlifter are some of the stars of air shows in the summer and fall of 2018 across the United States and Canada.

Aretha Franklin passed away this week, and we asked our matriarchs to share their top beauty memories of the Queen of Soul.

"Hello and welcome to Bob's Burgers. The burger of the day is the 'child molester'—it comes with candy."Quit flipping burgers, and race over with your bunny-ear hat, keyboard and trusty horse to prove your skills at Bob's Burgers Trivia at Slate NY on Tuesday, August 21 starting at 8pm!Come for the musical mystery dinner theater and stay for the art crawl... we mean prizes!Reserve your table…

Patrick and Amy Kennedy made the most of every space in the renovation of their cozy seafront retreat on Cape Cod

According to a new study, checking work emails after hours is anxiety inducing. Here's why it's so hard to stop, especially if it's early in your career.

Native Americans have a personal connection to the immigrant families who have been separated at the US-Mexico border. "We've been there, done that, and we know what it's like," says Connie Reitman. At five, her mother was taken from her family to stay at a boarding school for American Indian kids.

Producers of MTV's Video Music Awards are struggling with how to address Demi Lovato's reported drug overdose, according to a producer.

Many major retail chains — from Target and Walmart to Whole Foods and Nike — are launching a version of curbside pickup, heralding a new phase in the constantly evolving offerings of e-commerce.

The DNCE front man was recently spotted checking out multimillion dollar apartments in New York City with fiancée Sophie Turner

BI PRIME: The market is facing a growing number of alarming comparisons between the dot-com era and current conditions. The most recent observation relates to the uninspiring recovery by US stocks since their correction earlier this year.

The hip-hop master from Run-DMC talks about his new Netflix comedy series, music, religion and his legacy.

NATO's largest standing army in Europe is now cosying up to Iran and indebted to Qatar. Russia and China could be waiting in the wings to get closer to Turkey too if the US continues its tariffs.

Years after an investigation in Boston highlighted the dimensions of the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic priesthood, the financial and reputational cost to the Catholic church continues to grow.

Idris Elba is powering through his midlife crisis – 007 rumours and all. He talks to Tim Lewis

It's been more than 60 years since the 2,000-year-old mummified remains of a small girl were brought to a museum in Corpus Christi.But next month,...

With tensions between the United States and Turkey appearing to reach an all-time high, here are five crucial things to know about what is causing the relationship between the two NATO allies to become tense.

‘Hostile environment’ has left couples with one non-EU partner facing discrimination, delays and huge bills

Scot Jim Sheridan accused Jewish community of colluding with ‘Blairite plotters’

There's a baby boom in an Arizona hospital and it's not coming from the maternity ward.