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Scaling customer support is not only operationally difficult, it's emotionally difficult!You'd like to roll out the red carpet for each and every customer, but entrepreneurs intuitively know this approach won't scale unless they build systems to help reduce the number of low-value support requests.The framework we'll share today shows you where to begin in building this system so you can get back to having more fruitful conversations with customers.

Research shows that children participating in a 12-week, before-school physical activity program present better body weight level and social wellness than their classmates who did not participate.

Education leader Amy Dujon offers two ways teachers can shift to student-centered learning.

The best part about planning a wedding is coming up with creative and custom details to incorporate in your big day. We’re sharing the adorable and unique details that recent couples who married at…

The Grammy-winning album has sold 1.46 million copies since its September 2015 release.

Researcher Jessica West answers questions about the connection between hearing loss and mental health, including how support from family and friends can help.

Opening a brick-and-mortar location is an exciting milestone for a business owner. When you hang a sign and open your door to customers, you get to see their firsthand reactions to your products and services.And when your retail business is thriving, it’s only natural for you to consider expanding from one physical location to two (or more). But how do you know when it’s time to grow?

The Trump administration is proposing a drastic change to how millions of people in the U.S. receive food stamps by replacing cards with an equivalent cash value with a "Blue Apron-type" delivery box of food purchased by the government.Unlike Blue Apron, which includes meat and produce, the food...

Heather O'Donnell got her start in rare books in the 90s, sorting fiction on the floor of the Strand, shelving photobooks in the Avery Library, and working as a curatorial assistant at the Beinecke. For seven years, she was a bookseller in the New York gallery of Bauman Rare Books, and in 2011, she launched Honey & Wax Booksellers in Brooklyn, specializing in literary and cultural…

NYU Shanghai’s class of 2017 has seen glowing successful upon graduation. 97% of the school’s first graduating class are currently employed.

By Nate Pedersen on February 14, 2018 12:09 AM
New research into the world’s most famous medieval manuscript, the Book of Kells, has revealed a suprising new possibility: the manuscript may be two separate works, created a half century apart and later combined
Dr. Bernard Meehan of Trinity College, Dublin, announced last week that detailed analysis of the text has uncovered evidence supporting a new hypothesis…

A Beautifully Bound Copy of All Six Volumes of the Work
A Pulitzer Prize Winner and Literary Masterpiece

If you're a gay professional looking to find love, then look no further. This event at Etcetera Etcetera caters to New York City's most eligible bachelors, and has proven to be huge success, making lots and lots of couples. You'll go on eight short dates in one night. Each date lasts six minutes and is a really fun, quick and easy way for gay men to meet each other. Plus, you'll get three additional bonus periods where you may meet anyone in the…

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The Science of Happiness is NYU’s most popular elective. Here’s what students think of it.

Take a tour though the countryside of Argentina and sample four Catena Zapata selections paired with small plates.
February 22, 2018,

Choice of:
Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions, 70 Lashes per Eye
Natural Set of Eyelash Extensions, 80 Lashes per Eye
Volume Set of Eyelash Extensions, 100 Lashes per Eye
Mink Set of Natural Eyelash Extensions, 80 Lashes per Eye
Mink Set of Volume Eyelash Extensions, 100 Lashes per Eye

Hotel at a Glance: Night Hotel Times Square
Although the hurly-burly of Times Square is less than a block away, this 4-star hotel maintains a posh oasis of calm in Manhattan. From the lobby, where aquariums and postmodern light fixtures add touches of gallery cool to the space, you’ll head up to one of the hotel’s sleek guest rooms; amenities here include Bose sound systems and free WiFi
Eat, drink, and be merry. There are plenty of dining options located within a sniffing…

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Sultangazi is home to a mix of religious and ethnic groups – as well as 50,000 Syrian refugees. The district received the refugees warmly. But resentment is rising, as public services suffer and opposition forces suspect the ruling party of using refugees to exacerbate social divisions.

Think of Break the Code as a portable escape room. Teams will work on a series of locked boxes, solving puzzles along the way to find an item at the finish to Break the Code. You have one hour to complete the puzzles -- and the first team to finish wins.

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Playwright Sarah Burgess and Tony-winning director Thomas Kail team up again for "Kings," a scathingly funny new play about the people at the heart of our democracy. Kate is a whip-smart lobbyist who doesn’t waste her time on anyone who can’t get elected, stay elected, and help her clients get what they want. Kate thinks Representative Sydney Millsap is a political neophyte whose staunch ideals are…

To help you make the determination on if your nose is broken or not, click here to learn more about the common signs and symptoms of a broken nose.