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Infants do better with their parents, studies find, as long as parents have support to get and stay sober. This program starts during pregnancy, to rally and train a strong family support network.

As the level of carbon dioxide in the air rises because of climate change, scientists are trying to pin down how plants are impacted. There's evidence that it's changing many important plants we eat.

Participants highlight that achieving the full potential of 5G, IoT and Big Data will call for a strong spirit of collaboration and coordinated strategic action inclusive of the public and private sector.

What You'll Be CreatingEveryone needs a bit of optimism in their lives, and this neon sign poster is the perfect pick-me-up. Pop it on the office noticeboard, set it as your phone background, or...

Chinese president Xi Jinping is amassing an alarming amount of political power. If only his propaganda videos made the idea of unrestricted authority seem as...

By Maya Wang When Hong Kong was handed over from British to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, its inhabitants were reassured that their way of life would remain the same. That commitment was made legally binding through the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which guarantees Hong Kong full autonomy except in foreign affairs and defence. But in recent years Beijing …

One automotive analyst called the trade moves by the Trump administration "willful stupidity" adding "it is madness, as the industry is so globally interconnected from a supply chain and manufacturing

UK’s largest academic institution puts all accounts including Text100’s PR brief out to tender.

Nielsen and FreeWheel -- the video advertising platform owned by Comcast -- will expand their measurement of viewing to over-the-top and set-top-box video-on-demand inventory.

By Dan Martin and Kelly Wang Lan spent years trapped between two identities: the male gender assigned to her at birth and the woman she was inside — a living “torture” in a China not yet ready to fully embrace transgender people. The Shanghai native, who asked that her full name be withheld, misled friends and family with …

An Android virus, specifically a malware worm variant, has been spreading across Android devices and has started appearing on Amazon Fire TVs and Fire TV St

NACHES, Wash. - A local man mountain biking says his car and six others were broken into at the Oak Creek Wildlife Area.Daniel May said he was mountain biking with a friend when they came back to their cars parked in the Oak Creek Wildlife Area parking lot

YAKIMA, Wash. -- According to the Department of Homeland Security, around 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the border, since April, under President Trump’s immigration enforcement policy.Liz Hallock, a local attorney and human right

The Internet of Things shows no sign of slowing on its way to becoming a trillion dollar market. Leading spending growth over the next few years will be the consumer segment, according to a new
semiannual worldwide spending guide.

CLE ELUM, Wash. - Kelly Evans was reading inside her Cle Elum home when she heard a noise coming from her backyard. She saw something there but said she couldn't tell what it was at first.“I thought what I saw was just a very plump golden retriever getting

Vlade Divac - Team - Sacramento Kings
ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Kings, Hawks and Grizzlies are taking calls on their picks
That would mean that picks 2-4 could be moved as this draft has multiple promising players that teams want to secure. The Mavs (5th), the Clippers (12th & 13th) and the Nuggets (14th) were all mentioned as teams attempting to trade up. Given that the Clippers have two picks it's likely that they can find a suitor as the…

Activists, community leaders, and restaurant owners on Thursday gathered at the front of SJP Collections in New York to as a voice of opposition against Sarah Jessica Parker support for ending the tipped wage credit, which they say threatens employees, restaurant owners.

WASHINGTON (SBG) - Chaos at the border is now leading to confusion nationwide.The Department of Homeland Security says nearly 2,000 children have been separated from their parents under the Trump administration’s new zero-tolerance policy, which President