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Bill Addison of the website Eater and Patricia Escárcega of The Arizona Republic will join the newspaper as it seeks to expand its food coverage.

The Great White Hurricane of 1888 demonstrated the vulnerability of urban life, and led voters to demand greater protection.

The original Statue of Liberty torch which was carried by Lady Liberty for nearly 100 years was moved into its new home inside the Statue of Liberty Museum.

The Mark Hotel, New York, features some of the world's most luxurious accommodations and bespoke service for its discerning guests. Owner Izak Senbahar discusses the climate of today's hospitality industry.

32nd Annual Miracle on Madison Avenue
Saturday, December 1st, 2018
On Saturday, December 1, Miracle on Madison Avenue will reappear on New York’s most luxurious shopping destination for its 32nd annual shopping event. Miracle on Madison Avenue is a day for shoppers and visitors to check off their holiday gift lists,

The stock market’s recent rollercoaster, with October’s sharp correction followed by a post-midterm election surge, can put the investment community on edge, including commercial real estate investors
“People who invest in real estate don’t invest in a vacuum,” says Mark Dotzour, a real estate economist who spent 18 years as chief economist of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University before opening a private consultancy…

www.adorama.com Welcome to Ep 141, in this episode David Bergman shows you how to use a gray card and a color checker to get accurate color in your i...

Steve Cook believes that investors should re-evaluate their beliefs about emerging market debt.

A roundup of this week's technology news including vulnerable ATMS, a worrying diversity report and the latest adventures of John McAfee.

Metal cylinder that has been the world's sole true kilo since 1889 to be replaced by equation based on a physics constant

How data can help protect against security compromises by employees and third-party partners

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Cat-I-Tude 2: Purr-Fect Together made quite a splash at Quilt Market, and it's shipping to quilt stores now. Check out Ann's virtual quilt ...

“I need a friend who's willing to travel the world with me ✈️🌏”

Whether you’re a runner, HIIT enthusiast, kickboxer, or yogi, we all have those days where, no matter how hard we push ourselves, we just can’t get the results we want. While off days do just happen and sometimes you have to accept them, there are several little tweaks you can make for optimal performance. If... View Article

Pandora says it has developed more than 1,500 attributes to apply to podcasts. The goal is to help listeners determine if a podcast would appeal to them, after the podcast they are currently listening
to ends.

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