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I was recently reminded of the need for good consistent communication by community member Abdelhadi Bukres. He correctly pointed out that it has been too long since I last updated you on the status of...

Last year we published an article called A Fair Review of the Top .NET CMS Platforms, which seemed to resonate well with our readers so we decided to relaunch the article in 2018, but with some significant enhancements. The most noteworthy change is the inclusion of all platform technologies, not just the .NET crowd.

Wed, May 2, 2018, 6:30 PM: Agenda:1 - Welcome - I would like to ask around what type of DNN project are you currently involved;2 - Main Presentation: On our 2nd TADUG meeting we will have Joe Craig as

House of Cards might not seem the most likely place for a seed of an idea to germinate and revolutionize an industry. But that is exactly where PRG’s technologists, under the direction of Brian Edwards, PRG’s president of North America television and film sales, deployed the “immersion environment” and interactive lighting system cinematographer Claudio […]

Two weeks ago, thousands of RE/MAX agents from the around the world descended on Las Vegas for the company’s annual convention, R4. While there, many of the agents helped create...

Badly behaved pets are a liability and result in no-pet policies, so make a good name for owners everywhere with these pet tips.

If you or someone you know plans the month of March around a college basketball tournament every year — you're not alone.

The U-Haul Flat Panel TV Kit is the perfect way to safely move or store a flat screen TV. The 2 included boxes are heavy-duty and double walled.