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An HHS pilot program that combines a spate of emerging technologies will soon test its skills on live acquisition data, FedScoop has learned.

Soylent, People Chow, and Huel have found fans in the tech industry who don't want to waste working time eating meals. But some have larger aims to fill food shortages.

The department is investing in ways to do apples-to-apples comparisons of the many cyber solutions on the market.

It's still early days for precision agriculture, but two UK-based projects are proving the feasibility and value of the concept.

With technology and business change accelerating, CIOs must work with C-suite counterparts to update IT governance policies and practices for the digital age.

CHATHAM – The Wharton Institute for the Performing Arts in Berkeley Heights will present a concert featuring the Creative Aging for Everyone (CAFÉ) Choir at 5 p.m. this Friday, Dec.

Relationships are complicated. But businesses tend to overcomplicate them and thus avoid building them altogether.

Pregnancy pushes your body to its limits, but don't forget about how it can affect your skin. Here are ten things to remember to keep your skin in shape!

One-third of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will be abandoned before deployment due to lack of Data Management and Analytics capabilities. While Edge Computing, Data Governance, and Metadata Management will help firms deal with scalability and agility, security, and usability, this provides only a start.

Read why you should adopt a growth mindset, so you are not afraid to fail, can adapt and increase your capabilities and embrace challenges.

Best way to secure funding for your project is to put the word Digital somewhere into the name of it.

Struggling to understand the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Today is your lucky day.

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Situated in Boston’s historic South End, Boston Medical Center (BMC) serves a large and diverse patient population. Standin...

Yields on 10-year government bonds continued to decline in November, with only those for Greek debt bucking the trend. Canada’s 10-year government bond yield saw the biggest shift, closing 22.5 basis points lower at 2.27%.

A three-dimensional (3D) camera system with automated patient body contour detection can help improve the positioning of patients in computed tomography (CT)...

In a recent study conducted by Boston University and published in The Gerontologist, researchers concluded that close relationships between adult children and their grandparents have far-reaching health benefits for both, including increased mental acuity and the reduction of depression symptoms. In addition, this intergenerational togetherness was found to promote the exposure to new ideas and the sharing of life wisdom.

Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and others are now running training exercises to prepare for the outbreak of cyberwar. Locked Shields is the largest simulation and TechRepublic takes you inside.

The capital's tech companies are trying to plot a course that will steer them past Brexit. That will mean some difficult decisions ahead.

Arkansas is using CrashCourse, a new interactive education program that teaches high school students about the risks and effects of concussions.