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In May, a French citizen was jogging along a beach in British Columbia and apparently strayed across the U.S. border. She wasn’t released from detention until early June.

Investment in gene therapy has continued to pay off as Sarepta Therapeutics recently announced positive results from phase 1/2a trial with its experimen...

Eighty-six percent of banks, 82 percent of billing organizations and 78 percent of merchants expect to see improvements in their customer service as a result of real-time payments, according to a new report, 2018 Global Payments Insight Survey: Cross-Vertical. The...

Jennifer Davis, an attorney and former software developer, says she hopes to support data efforts and build trust with citizens so they'll feel comfortable using state services.

Test cars previously limited to the city's predictable Seaport district will now be free to roam within city limits.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Commissioner has revealed that when it comes to cybersecurity, investors are not getting the disclosures they need. “Let’s give them some information for starters (and promptly),” Robert Jackson, Jr. told the annual meeting of the Society for Corporate Governance in Washington, D.C., according to Forbes. While Jackson isn’t sure what additional cybersecurity […]

Devices that can talk to one another through an internet of things and intelligently process data have revolutionized operations for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

For people who love recreational vehicle travel but insist on the very best, a luxury RV is the only way to go. These outrageously expensive RVs are the ultimate in style, with luxury features and finishes to rival many high-end homes.

The Truth About Cholesterol
Elevated cholesterol levels, along with high blood pressure and smoking are main risk factors for heart disease, the leading cause of death for men in the United States. Women have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease due to the role of estrogen, but that risk is rising due to dietary and environmental factors
Because cholesterol levels are critical when it comes to…

Twelve-year-old Nathan Casey had the courage to sit down with Jana Shortal and talk about losing his father to suicide.

With Germany’s investigation of VW accelerating and Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler in custody, it falls to an interim executive to restore order.

Last updated: May 26, 2015
Summer is the season of vacation and exploration, and one in four Americans will hit the road this summer in search of fun and relaxation, according to the American Automobile Association. While exciting, traveling can present hazards that can turn a vacation into a health emergency. The key rule in healthy and happy traveling is “be prepared” to ensure that all…

(HealthDay News) -- Eating can be a chore if you don't have the appetite
Food may be a lot less appealing if you're sick or taking certain medications. But it's still important to eat a balanced diet.
The U.S. National Institute on Aging suggests how to restore your appetite:
Get more exercise, which should make you hungrier.
Add more flavor to your food -- not with salt, but with tasty additions such as lemon juice, herbs or vinegar.
Vary the color, shape and…

Check out the latest community post from one of your neighbors. (The views expressed in this post are the author’s own.)

When a machine decided Ibrahim Diallo no longer worked at his office there was little any human could do.

Avvo’s 2018 legal marketing conference has come and gone, and now you can download the Lawyernomics presentations! The presenters have opted to make their s

Researchers have revealed that malignant melanoma can reprogram their protein synthesis machinery and become addicted to a new family of enzymes that modify transfer RNAs during acquired resistance. The inhibition of these molecules synergies with targeted therapies to produce a strong anti-tumoral effect. These new findings will be key in the development of improved diagnostic tools and melanoma treatment.

Whether you spend time at the beach, in the mountains or sightseeing in the city, you will be exposing your skin to the sun's rays.

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