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A compound found in asparagus has been found to aid the spread of breast cancer.
I wish I was joking, but I am not.
For victims of breast cancer, the initial tumor is seldom deadly. Instead, it is the secondary tumors that spread to the bones, brain and lungs through metastasis that can becom

Agilent has been named to Barron’s first annual list of the “100 Most Sustainable Companies” in the U.S.
Barron’s is a weekly newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company. With a goal of providing information about what interests investors and affects risk and performance, the publication note

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Antipodes map helps you find the other side of the world, the antipodes of any place on Earth

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The phone has been ringing for scheduling appointments for local drivers with the best heat rejecting automotive films in the industry: FormulaOne
Our FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic Films will not interfere with AM radio, GPS or EM signals. The impressive heat rejection in our 15% VLT Pinnacle ceramic is unmatched by any true ceramic…

The Constitution offers two main paths for removing a President from office. How feasible are they?

Our $1 Double-Wall Plastic Tumblers have a variety of uses - take with you on the go and stay hydrated, or get crafty by decorating the outside with vinyl stickers & craft tape. They also make great g

I have a confession to make. My dog snores. Yes, it’s true. My adorable and energetic Peaches the Corgi has an undeniable propensity to snore. Not every single night, but it’s usually quite obvious when Miss Peaches has fallen asleep for the evening. Regular, repetitive purring sounds float through ...

FormulaOne Car Tinting are the remarkable solar control automotive films manufactured by Eastman Chemical Performance Films
These high performance films are the “gold standard” of the luxury car tinting world. Unmatched heat rejection that is head and shoulders above the no name tints you’ll find at the flea market or behind a car wash
FormulaOne requires the very best installers factory trained to be experts on…

Your first step is determining where you’re going and how you’re both going to get there. Let’s start with car travel. Even if you’re flying, you’ll likely need to take most of these tips into consideration once you land. Before you hit the road: Paperwork please Keep your veterinarian’s contact inf...

Ah, summer vacation. From childhood, we learn to associate summertime with relaxation, freedom from responsibility and the opportunity to embark on new and memorable adventures. We learn that summer vacations—especially those in which our pets can join us!—are treasures to be valued and sought after...