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As a family owned business we are geared to matching the perfect window film solutions for our clients
This starts with every interaction with our team.
We know that we have to demonstrate value and performance. That the window film installation has to be exemplary. That the energy savings we promise are documented and quantifiable.
We have the trust of our clients and have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List for seven consecutive years and an A Plus Rating (accredited) from…

Healthy comfort food? Yes! It's possible. Apply the abundance mindset to your cooking and healthy food will start feeling like a luxury.

The people in today’s Gospel are “filled with expectation.” They believe John the Baptist might be the Messiah they’ve been waiting for. Three times we hear their question: “What then should we do?”
The Messiah’s coming requires every man and woman to choose—to “repent” or not. That’s John’s message and it will be Jesus’ too (see Luke 3:3 ; 5:32 ; 24:47 )
“Repentance” translates a…

There are only nine undefeated men’s basketball teams in the country, and one of them is right here in Greenville. GVL Today reminds its readers about Furman’s 10-0 record and No. 23 national ranking.

Advanced Film Solutions completed another stellar installation at a commercial office complex in Wesley Chapel
The client was suffering under the afternoon heat but had a strict requirement that the appearance of their windows remain unchanged
No reflective films or darker ceramic films would fit their specifications!
The 70% ceramic meets their requirements. 55% Total Solar Energy Rejection (59% if you measured it at an angle)…

This has been quite a busy installation week for NFRC rated window film solutions in Tampa, Orlando and Sarasota, Florida
Thanks to our Tampa Bay and Orlando clients who signed up during the recent home shows for free estimates and later installations of our Huper Optik , Vista and LLumar Window Film!
The cold weather hasn’t slowed us down for a second.
The Sun is a bright as ever and the sky has been crystal clear, so the UV and glare has been…

The weakest entry point for home security are your windows and glass sliders
Increasing the strength and shatter resistance of your glass through thicker shatter control window film is an effective strategy to deny, delay and ultimately deter entry
Combining solar control properties with a transparent security glazing help to lower your monthly electric bills, reduce glare and virtually eliminate UV that damages your furnishings.

Familiarization Overview of the GC columns. For more information on our GC Columns range www.agilent.com/en-us/products/gas-chromatography/gc-columns

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As we approach the 2018 holiday season; retail stores across the region are taking preparations for increasing security protection for assets and people
Advanced Film Solutions can limit losses with the installation of clear (or solar tinted) thick shatter control window film
These films create an invisible barrier that reinforces the glass making it much more difficult for thieves to shatter the windows or doors and…

Today’s Psalm paints a dream-like scene—a road filled with liberated captives heading home to Zion (Jerusalem), mouths filled with laughter, tongues rejoicing
It’s a glorious picture from Israel’s past, a “new exodus,” the deliverance from exile in Babylon. It’s being recalled in a moment of obvious uncertainty and anxiety. But the psalmist isn’t waxing nostalgic
Remembering “the Lord has done great things” in the past, he…

Four years ago, contaminated water supplies in Flint, Michigan exposed more than 100,000 residents to dangerous levels of lead. Most were African-American and many were children. I have blogged about the effects of lead poisoning and its elevated risks for children. Demographically, African-A

These films are applied to the interior side of your clear glass windows and sliders
Optically transparent and available in a wide range of light transmissions and aesthetic appearance
Problems solved:
Glare that makes it impossible to enjoy your holiday dinner or watch that big game on TV is eliminated thanks to window film. These films won’t bubble or turn purple and come with a lifetime…

Agilent has won a Social Responsibility Award for its work to improve the quality of dairy products in China. I’ve blogged about the Agilent China Dairy initiative. A few years ago, China experienced several incidents involving milk and other dairy products, resulting in “a serious food safety c

Every Advent, the Liturgy of the Word gives our sense of time a reorientation. There’s a deliberate tension in the next four weeks’ readings—between promise and fulfillment, expectation and deliverance, between looking forward and looking back
In today’s First Reading, the prophet Jeremiah focuses our gaze on the promise God made to David, some 1,000 years before Christ. God says through the prophet that He will…

Battery powered tools are some of the most versatile helpers you can have in your garage.

When it comes to medicine, there is no “one size fits all” approach. This is particularly important when it comes to preventive care for our cats. Vaccines can vary in terms of how well they work, how common the diseases are, and whether the benefit outweighs any risks. Learn more about vaccinations for cats here.