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Our Precision Cut software and plotters take the guessing game out of window tinting
You won’t find many local area shops who have invested in technology. We have!
This means we can get your car done in 2 hours or less!
You have better things to do all day rather than waiting for your car!
All window films are warranted by the manufacturer for a Lifetime. Our FormulaOne Films are unique since they offer a NO FAULT warranty. No other window tint shop…

Low e Films maintain warmth in the winter by insulating your glass with Low E capabilities
Our challenge as the number one window film installation company in Florida is to raise market awareness and build upon our past success with more than 13,000 residential and commercial satisfied clients since 2007
Our competitive edge starts with the superiority of our film solutions.
We have the most extensive…

Tampa Window Tinting Film Home Office Car Tint Sarasota Bradenton, Safety Security, Energy Savings, UV Fade Protection, Decorative Window Tinting Installations for Residential Commercial Condo Governmental and Automobile Tinting. Call for a free no obligation quote at 877-575-3456 today!

I blog a lot about immunotherapy drugs, which use your body’s immune system to fight cancer and other diseases. Agilent has a portfolio of companion diagnostics, which help identify patients who may benefit from such drugs. Now, for the first time, U.S. researchers have reprogrammed white blood

In commissioning the apostles in today’s Gospel, Jesus gives them, and us, a preview of His Church’s mission after the Resurrection
His instructions to the Twelve echo those of God to the twelve tribes of Israel on the eve of their exodus from Egypt. The Israelites likewise were sent out with no bread and only one set of clothes, wearing sandals and carrying a staff (see Exodus 12:11 ; Deuteronomy 8:2–4 ). Like the Israelites, the apostles are to rely solely on the…

It started out as a civil rights battle in a Tampa courtroom, and now a cell phone password might be a defendant’s key to freedom.  

An outbreak of cyclosporiasis has sickened 212 people in four states since May, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. Seven of those individuals have been hospitalized.

As we've walked with the apostles in the Gospels in recent weeks, we've witnessed Jesus command the wind and sea, and order a little girl to arise from the dead. But He seems to meet His match in His hometown of Nazareth. Today's Gospel is blunt: “He was not able to perform any mighty deed there.”
Why not? Because of the people's lack of faith. They acknowledged the wisdom of His words, the power of His works. But they refused to recognize Him…

Did you know that fireworks are actually illegal? This Fourth of July, remember to follow the law and stay safe while enjoying fireworks and sparklers!

The blinds, window treatments don’t keep the heat from entering your interior space
The only solution that won’t break the bank is the professional installation of high performance energy reducing solar window film.
Our solutions can keep nearly 85% of the heat out.
99.9% of the UV that promotes fading and we lower glare by as much as 90%
We have a complete line-up of Eastman ceramic films that keep IR heat out along with visible light.
You might also consider thicker safety…

A gunman killed five employees of The Capital Gazette and injured others in a "targeted attack" at the newspaper's offices in Annapolis, Anne Arundel County authorities said.

Chromatography Online has honored Ron Majors, a retired Agilent senior scientist, with a lifetime achievement award. The LCGC Awards (for “liquid chromatography” and “gas chromatography”) recognize work by leading analytical scientists. Ronald E. Majors has been named the winner of the 2018 Life

“The Cry of the Heart,” is a new film by evangelist Christopher West and the cor Project addressing JPII’s Theology of the Body. Based on the General Audiences given by the pope during the course his pontificate, West explains the meaning of our corporeality, why we are created male and female, and how, through the corporal (bodily) dimension, we come to grasp the meaning of our humanity in the face of Christ’s revealed truth. He also explains that our desires and passions, too…