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If you are considering buying or leasing a new car, one of the options that will arise is the installation of aftermarket window film for your new car
Most new car dealers farm out the car tinting and paint protection film applications to a local shop.
The mark-ups they add to your cost are extraordinary.
More importantly you have no idea what type of film they are applying to your vehicle or the actual performance you…

It's a riveting court drama, replete with fiery testimony and eleventh-hour bombshells. In this episode, hopeful Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces ...

Your condo gets hot every afternoon and your floors, carpets and furnishings are fading
That spectacular view out your slider doors is the reason you chose your unit in the first place.
You need a window film that can block the heat, glare and UV without sacrificing that fantastic view!
It would also help if the investment cost was fair and you would be entitled to Duke Energy rebates while lowering your monthly electric cooling costs/
We have the solutions !
Our portfolio…

Sure it’s hot outside and you are thinking that your windows aren’t doing the job
You have seen commercials about new windows and that may be your next step.
We all know what happens in the long hot spring, summer and fall when the AC is on 24/7!
Outrageous cooling costs have you in panic mode considering window replacements that can set you back thousands of dollars and take more than a decade to recover the investment costs.
We offer a better…

Learn how to change a tire with this simple guide and never get left stranded.

Accused of rape by a fellow student, Brian Banks accepted a plea deal and went to prison on his 18th birthday. Years later he was exonerated with the help of the California Innocence Project. He’s joined on Megyn Kelly TODAY by Project director Justin Brooks and former prosecutor Loni Coombs, with whom he now examines other potentially wrongful convictions on the series “Final Appeal.”

How long have humans been making cheese? Apparently, 4,000 years earlier than scientists previously thought. Researchers recently examined ancient pottery found in Croatia. They determined that fatty residue in the pottery is from making fermented dairy products. This pottery is 7,200 years ol

In today’s First Reading, it’s like we have our ears pressed to the wall and can hear the murderous grumblings of the elders, chief priests, and scribes—who last week Jesus predicted would torture and kill Him (see Mark 8:31 ; 10:33–34 )
The liturgy invites us to see this passage from the Book of Wisdom as a prophecy of the Lord’s Passion. We hear His enemies complain that “the Just One” has challenged their authority, reproached them for breaking the law of Moses,…

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 19, 2018
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that a quarterly dividend of 14.9 cents per share of common stock will be paid on October 24, 2018, to all shareholders of record as of the close of business on October 2, 2018
The timing and amounts of future dividends are subject to determination and approval by Agilent's board
About Agilent Technologies…

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 18, 2018
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) filed a new complaint against Twist Bioscience Corp. ("Twist") and Emily Leproust. The proposed Second Amended Complaint adds two additional defendants (Twist employee Siyuan Chen and former Twist employee Solange Glaize) and adds new facts that were recently discovered regarding the defendants' wide-ranging theft of Agilent's proprietary oligonucleotide synthesis technology. First, "Leproust and several other…

The Duke lacrosse case would be a comedy of errors if it were funny to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Call it self-paced. Call it time-fluid. The essential characteristic of competency-based education, or CBE, is that learning and its demonstration are prioritized over time spent learning. Whether the CBE program is course-based or direct assessment, what unifies CBE is that it gives learners greater control over their schedules while ensuring all required skills and knowledge […]

Ever wondered about the history of surgery and how it developed into today’s modern practices? When we picture a surgical scene—sterile room, bright lights a...

In today’s Gospel, we reach a pivotal moment in our walk with the Lord. After weeks of listening to His words and witnessing His deeds, along with the disciples we’re asked to decide who Jesus
truly is
Peter answers for them, and for us, too, when he declares: “You are the Messiah.” Many expected the Messiah to be a miracle worker who would vanquish Israel’s enemies and restore the kingdom
Jesus today reveals a different portrait. He calls himself the Son of Man,…