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Please pardon today’s “clickbait” title. “GenX” is a family of chemical compounds used in food packaging, paints and cleaning products. It is popular as a substitute for Teflon in non-stick coatings. GenX is manufactured by Chemours, a spin-off of DuPont. Late last year, North Carolina disco

Imagine lowering that afternoon temperature in those west facing rooms by 10 degrees
Imagine lowering your monthly electric bill by 30%
Imagine factoring out 99.9% of the harmful UV that fades your fine fabrics, wood floors, etc
Advanced Film Solutions is practical, affordable and simply the best possible energy savings retrofit you can undertake for your home energy program.
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We get more than our fair share of hot, sunny days in the Tampa Bay area; but every so often the rain comes and washes our beach time away! That may have a proverbial silver lining for folks looking to get their cars, trucks and SUV's tinted! Advanced Film Solutions in Lutz, FL has the est heat blocking car tinting films in the industry: LLumar Select FormulaOne Stratos, Pinnacle and Comfort! The LLumar ATR hybrid films and our Platinum Paint Protection film. Call…

UV, heat and light are the three key factors that create this problem
One answer is living in virtual darkness
Obviously that alternative is unrealistic.
Not the window tinting of the past that turned purple or bubbled, but rather the 21st century, ceramic and reflective films engineered by Vista Films and Huper Optik .
UV is reduced by 99.9%
Heat is reduced by factors of nearly…

That wonderful electric bill has you sneaking up to the bill when you open it each month
You considered upgrading your single pane windows to that fancy low e glass or IG units. Have you figured out the payback period?
Th at is; until you saw the sticker price!!
Somehow you heard about window film but you are inclined to be highly skeptical that window film will perform and last for a lifetime.
You’ve seen the hack jobs done by your do it…

You want your store to be inviting and curb appeal is essential but
The heat, light and unrelenting UV destroys your merchandise and store displays. The clear glass is an open invitation to burglary and vandalism
Energy smart store design and security managers choose Advanced Film Solutions solar and solar security window film.
With the most extensive portfolio of choices our team can match the ideal…

ST. PETERSBURG Have a tegu lizard, albino skunk or pacu fish you want to get rid of? Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials are willing to take them off your hands today, no qu

Greenberg’s office will use BitPay to accept Bitcoin cryptocurrencies for the payment of property taxes, driver’s license fees, and vehicular tags. By Sean David Hartman In a historic move that some may consider either risky or rewarding, Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg has announced that the Tax Collector’s Office will be accepting Bitcoin and …

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano has been in the news, with several new lava vents recently bursting open. This brings up a question: How do you study an active volcano? Researchers using Agilent equipment have developed a new field test for analyzing the gas emissions of erupting volcanoes. As you c

A PGA golfer's wife was arrested Saturday for allegedly attacking her husband and his mother and resisting arrest after being handcuffed by police, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Many patients are told that there is nothing that can be done for their #CANKLES! At Artistic Liposuction and Plastic Surgery, #DrThomasSu and #DrMeeganGrube...

'Choose from Three Options $36 for one 60-minute relaxation massage ($65 value) $91.50 for three 60-minute relaxation massages ($195 value) $50.50 for one 60-minute relaxation massage and one 30-minute signature facial ($100 value) Relaxation massage calms your nervous system and increases blood circulation. Signature facials treat your face and decolletage to custom treatments, and your arms and hands to a massage. Dawn Johnson, MA64813\nLimit 1 per…