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Homes designed for open views suddenly had what we at 3M would call Scotch Gloom
Tenants in a commercial office building found they would use more interior lighting
Today new technology window films use nanotechnology to block invisible heat (infrared).
For a commercial office tower this “daylig h ting” allows for cool light without increasing that electric cost. Further there are many studies that demonstrate the…

Today is World Food Day. It’s a good time for me to talk about dioxins in your food. Dioxins (2,3,7,8- tetrachlorodibenzo para dioxins) are highly toxic chemical compounds. They are a byproduct of natural and industrial processes, including incineration, forest fires and volcanoes. PCBs (polyc

Gated communities frequently have rules that limit or prohibit the use of reflective window film
Their concern is the potential that highly reflective films will alter the appearance of homes and potentially reduce resale value
Fortunately Eastman Chemical performance films has a complete suite of retrofit window film solutions that match your HOA rules and deed restrictions.
Consider our Huper Optik ceramic coatings that factor out…

Familiarization Overview of the GC columns. For more information on our GC Columns range www.agilent.com/en-us/products/gas-chromatography/gc-columns

For the second year in a row, Agilent has been named by Forbes as one of the World’s Best Employers. Forbes evaluated the 2,000 largest public and private companies in 58 countries. Employees were asked to evaluate their company (including whether they would recommend it to a friend) and their t

The rich young man in today’s Gospel wanted to know what we all want to know—how to live in this life so that we might live forever in the world to come. He sought what today’s Psalm calls “wisdom of heart.”
He learns that the wisdom he seeks is not a program of works to be performed or behaviors to be avoided. As Jesus tells him, observing the commandments is essential to walking the path of salvation—but it can only get us so…

Daylighting is the practice of placing windows or other transparent media and reflective surfaces so that, during the day, natural light provides effective interior illumination
Daylight, technically a byproduct of sunlight and its attendant invisible-spectrum IR radiation dispersing in the atmosphere, is a nearly perfect light
It is free, and we see very well under it.In moderation it has positive health benefits associated with vitamins, enhanced…

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Talk about repeat customers
Did you know that Columbus made four trips to the America’s and until the end believed he’d found a faster way to the Orient?
Can you believe that Advanced Film Solutions opened our car tinting doors back in nearly 2007 and in just a few years we have become Tampa’s premium FormulaOne and Llumar SelectPro Ceramic car film leader.
Sure there are cheap car tint shops you can find right behind that car wash, or next door to the…

No; not the way he treated the “Indians” nor his failure to win a Nobel Peace Prize
His greatest regret was not getting his Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria tinted with Vista or Huper Optik Window Tinting by Advanced Film Solutions.
Learn from Christopher’s mistakes.
Eliminate the UV- Columbus loved to tan.
Had he only known that the UV rays would damage his skin he’d have gone with our Window Film way back in 1492.
We are offering historic sales for Columbus Day…

In today’s Gospel, the Pharisees try to trap Jesus with a trick question
The “lawfulness” of divorce in Israel was never an issue. Moses had long ago allowed it (see Deuteronomy 24:1–4 ). But Jesus points His enemies back before Moses, to “the beginning,” interpreting the text we hear in today’s First Reading.
Divorce violates the order of creation, He says. Moses permitted it only as a concession to the people’s “hardness of heart”—their inability to live by God’s covenant Law. But Jesus…

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After a rear-end collision, it is usually easy to tell who is at fault for the accident, but there are still many factors that need to be considered.

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Today’s Gospel begins with a scene that recalls a similar moment in the history of Israel, the episode recalled in today’s First Reading. The seventy elders who receive God’s Spirit through Moses prefigure the ministry of the apostles
Like Joshua in the First Reading, John makes the mistake of presuming that only a select few are inspired and entrusted to carry out God’s plans. The Spirit blows where it wills (see John 3:8 ), and God desires to bestow His Spirit on all…

Huper Optik is the best heat reducing non-metallic window film in the industry
If there was a better heat reducing film that wasn’t shiny and provided the same level of IR and total solar heat gain rejection; we’d have it!
Non metallic appearance is a powerful reason that motivates our clients.
Hi-rise condominiums are a perfect example.
Our clients want to preserve their views and Huper Optik is less reflective than glass.
Day or night your views are unimpeded.
Our clients want durability…

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It's a riveting court drama, replete with fiery testimony and eleventh-hour bombshells. In this episode, hopeful Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh faces ...

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