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American Laboratory just published a nice interview with Agilent’s President and CEO, Mike McMullen. In a wide-ranging conversation, Mike discusses his career of more than 30 years with Agilent and its predecessor, Hewlett-Packard. “After graduating with a degree in economics and finance,” he re

Your electric bill skyrockets when you turn on that air conditioner
Window Film has come a very long way since sun control films were originally manufactured
Today’s window film does not turn purple or bubble when installed by a professional company like Advanced Film Solutions.
The old days of highly reflective tin foil looking window tinting is ancient history!
With many choices out there, how…

We have completed more than 12,000 cars at our location in Lutz, FL
Advanced Film Solutions has the very best automotive car films in the industry the incredible FormulaOne Series
This includes our dynamic Pinnacle and Stratos Ceramic Series
We are also experts in the installation of the German Ceramic Huper Optik series.
It’s lifetime-In writing.
We pre-cut an exact pattern that matches your car’s windows…

Your child is growing by leaps and bounds, so it should go without saying that the foods they consume can provide ample energy and fuel their mind and body, or they can cause deficiencies, mood swings, sluggishness, and health problems. Your child’s nutrition is of the utmost importance and es

The ancient Florida Druids (work with me on this!) had to find a solution for the heat, glare and UV
Fortunately the wizards at Eastman Chemicals developed the innovative solar control window films that cool Florida homes and businesses.
Vista Film, LLumar, Huper Optik, and SunTek filter out 99.9% of the UV which makes every castle fade free.
Call for a free estimate and enjoy a lifetime of comfort and happiness.
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Having spent 33…

Summer lasts a long time here in the Tampa Bay area. An average car tinting just won't do enough to keep you cool! Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay's LLumar SelectPro FormulaOne car tinting installation company. We have high performance films that our local competition can't match! Ceramic films like Stratos and Pinnacle that stop more heat than any dyed or dyed metal combination films. Lifetime…

These exclusive neighborhood have rules designed to maintain the resale value and lifestyle of the community
Deed restrictions may apply to the type of window film you might select
Typically reflective mirror-like films are prohibited.
Fortunately Advanced Film Solutions , Florida’s leading window film installation company has the perfect solutions when your HOA strictly enforces these covenants.
Advanced Film Solutions has a complete portfolio of non…

The Giant Panda is one of the most well-known and recognized animals on Earth. It is also one of the most vulnerable and endangered. This rare animal’s natural habitat has been reduced to the high mountains of three provinces in China. There are only 1,800 Giant Pandas left in the wild. There’

Vocal cord paralysis occurs when the nerve impulses in the larynx are disrupted, causing the muscles in the vocal cord to become paralyzed. This can be caused by sudden trauma from an accident, or from an error during surgery or a medical procedure.