Health in New Orleans, LA

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A new study from a Massachusetts General Hospital research team has found that the hypertension drug losartan, which targets the angiotensin signaling pathway, may improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy agents used to treat ovarian cancer.

A cozy retreat tucked within the exquisite Monteleone Hotel, Aria transcends relaxation. The spa envelops you like the warmth of a summer evening in New Orleans. From the soft glow of candles to the infusion of fragrance, Aria transends you to a place of repose
Whether it’s your head or your toes or your entire body that needs soothing, our gifted staff will guide each guest…

“It’s the sum of the parts and the individuals don’t count as much as what you do to make everyone sound good. If that’s not a great model for working in a business, I don’t know what is.”

Keil North, Director of Rehab Services at UMC, provides 7 tips for better success at keeping our New Year’s resolutions

Dr. Meredith Maxwell, Family Medicine, Crescent City Physicians explains how you can set mini "Monday Goals" that are easier to stick with in the long run.

The holiday season can be challenging if you’re trying to eat healthy, especially so in New Orleans where celebrations extend through Mardi Gras. However, the holiday season is not an excuse for a binge that doesn’t end until Spring.

Brianne Anderson, MD, OB-GYN While pregnant, eating healthy is one of the best things you can do for your baby. However, your body has a higher need for certain vitamins and minerals, like folate a…

The innovative technology could revolutionize the way we make our clothes and cut down on pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Through the generosity of others, we receive many different makes and models of cars, trucks and boats from all over the Greater New Orleans area and beyond! We inspect all vehicles, and perform any repair work that is needed. The vehicles are then put on the Used Car Lot for sale to the public, with no middle-men involved. All funds go directly to Bridge House / Grace House
It’s an easy way to help the community. Instead of paying big repair bills, donate…

Whether you're planning a long drive to Grandma's house or a flight across time zones, our suggestions will keep your family safe, sound, and sane.