Business to Business in New Orleans, LA

The Orleans Parish School Board will vote Thursday on a new President and the top contender, Leslie Ellison, is being accused of discrimination.

A 12-year-old girl is accused of threatening to shoot three students at Houma Jr. High School, telling detectives she only meant it as a joke, investigators said.

Take a closer look at the Democratic presidential candidate.

Known for his pipe and his ability to gain super-human strength from eating spinach, Popeye first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip, Thimble Theatre, in 1929.

Jefferson Parish detectives are looking for a Marrero man accused of carjacking a woman after she gave him a ride to the Elmwood shopping center, officials said.

A driver was dealt a dose of instant karma when the person tried to topple a snowman with their vehicle on Monday.

“It’s like the fruits of your labor so to speak ... It’s very gratifying.”

When the mother called Empowerment Behavioral Services office, she found out the supervisor was not licensed

MIAMI – A dishwasher at a Miami hotel claimed in a lawsuit that her former employer violated her religious rights by scheduling her to work on Sundays.
This week, a jury agreed and awarded Marie Jean Pierre $21 million in punitive damages, NBC reports. But, as WTVJ points out, she’ll end up with only a fraction of that, some $300,000, due to a cap on punitive damages in federal court.

Saints management confirmed Wednesday that the artists are performing after much speculation about who would hit the stage during halftime.

The report says New York Knicks center Kanter is suspected of being part of a terror organization.

Over a thousand beers have been donated to federal workers in D.C. from all over the country.

A man was shot to death Wednesday in the Leonidas neighborhood, according to the New Orleans Police department.

In order for the shutdown to end, McConnell must introduce a bill to the floor for senators to vote. But that hasn't happened yet.

After everyone jumped on the trend, some began to question if there was a secret nefarious purpose behind the 10 year challenge. Facebook says no.