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Welcome to We are US based medical billing company providing fully integrated medical billing services for physicians at competitive rates.

Medorizon provides everything from medical billing outsourcing to legal support in Illinois, Michigan, Texas and surrounding states. Call 800-843-0355.

UGI offers convenient ways to view and pay your bills. Find out more today.

OSG Billing Services offers Electronic Billing, e-Statements, Outsourced Billing, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, Print and Mail, Invoice Printing and Processing, Statement Processing, Statement Services, Transpromo Marketing Services

Automatic Claims Processing, the leading medical billing and coding services company, which offer free services like EMR, PMS, AR Calling, etc.

Many providers are not familiar with these codes and are missing out on the reimbursement for these services. Let me explain services provided in order to bill for these codes. The provider discuss...

The Relationship Enterprise provides businesses’ with an in-house legal counsel and on demand legal services for a monthly fee, with no hourly billing.

Westar Energy is the largest electric utility provider in Kansas, delivering electricity to nearly 700,000 residential and business customers in 55 counties. Over 2,400 employees keep the electricity flowing day and night, providing reliable power and comfort to our friends and neighbors throughout eastern Kansas.

A three-bill package sponsored by Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and Bob Andrzejczak to improve the delivery of state programs and services for the elderly gained approval from a Senate panel.

University of Nebraska Omaha
Tuition Billing Due Dates
All billed balances are subject to up to $200 in late payment fees for a given semester
September 23
February 23
May 23
Total Balance
Bills will generate the last business day of each month for unbilled or unpaid charges with a due date of the 23rd of the following month.
Currently enrolled students will receive an email notification to their UNO email address when the bill is available via MavLINK .
Tuition Fees…

OSG Billing Services offers Electronic Billing, e-Statements,Outsourced Billing, Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment, Print and Mail, Invoice Printing and Processing, Statement Processing,Statement Services, Transpromo Marketing Services

OSG Digital Solutions offer your business advanced methods of communicating with your customers through integrated communications platforms.

Q: Telehealth services are listed in the proposals for Medicare changes in 2014. What are these services, and as a practitioner, am I eligible to bill for them?
A: The Medicare, Medicaid and Benef

Job Description: Premier medical company is looking for a detailed Medical Billing Representative with effective verbal & written communication skills.- processes insurance payments to patient accounts in computerized system- creates & mails insurance claims & patient statements- submits claims to insurance companies or other third parties to secure payment for patients- responds to patient billing & statement inquiries- take verbal & written orders accurately from physicians…

Over my 15-year career of working with thousands of services organizations to help solve business challenges, billing has consistently been atop the list of the most painful and problematic issues that firms wrestle with.The reasons are many. Time and expense (T&E) capture is disconnected from project billing schedules. Billing data is entered manually into financials.

Prices at full-service restaurants – meaning eateries with waitstaff, unlike fast-food joints – are on the rise, the U.S. Department of Labor found.

The CONNECT for Health Act would expand the use of remote patient monitoring for some patients with chronic conditions, increase telemedicine services in community health centers and rural health clinics, and provide basic telemedicine benefits through Medicare Advantage.

The webinar on Billing and Utilization: Billing Overview for Waiver Services will take place today (Monday, April 13, 2015). In this session, Therap’s Billing Specialist will cover Billing Overview for Waiver Services. Click here to sign up for the webinar. Webinar time: EDT Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM For more Therap webinars click here.

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