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Home buying is a process and there is an order to make it go smoothly.

Summer Fitness Quest – June 1 – August 10 – Ages 5-9 What is the Summer Fitness Quest? This new initiative is a Get Outside physical activity program to support and encourage a healthy lifestyle of youth and family members; specifically to extend learning and instill young children (ages 5-9)...

WellSpan Health first in Pennsylvania to offer state-of-the-art MRI - WellSpan Health News

“It Happened at the Library” Project is Expanding to include Countywide submissions! Lancaster Public Library has extended the deadline to submit writing and artwork to the “It Happened at the Library” project to June 1, 2019. Eligibility has also been expanded to include all Lancaster County students in grades K – 12 attending public, private,...

Houzz Barometer finds home renovation professionals confident about Q2 business activity, despite a moderate Q1 and project backlogs short of 2018.

ENB Financial Corp (OTCQX: ENBP), parent of Ephrata National Bank, announced that on April 17, 2019, the Board of Directors declared a two-for-one stock split of the company’s issued and outstanding…

Before you know it, your kids will be out on their own making financial decisions that will affect their lives. If you have a teenager – they might already be there. One of the biggest advantages you can give them is a basic education on being financially responsible. Here are some basic tips to help raise their financial IQ
1. Teach the basics
Teach your kids that budgeting is simply a way to manage the money they have -- to pay for what…

Ephrata’s 4th annual Brewfest will take place on Saturday, June 22 from 1 to 4 p.m. in Whistle Stop Plaza, located on Main Street in downtown Ephrata. Tickets are $35 in advance. The price of admission includes entrance to Brewfest, a sampling mug and samples. A limited number of Designated Driver tickets are available for …

Specialized in Culinary Exploration and Healthy Relaxation Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast is located in the Lancaster County small town of New Holland, an area known for its organic and sustainable farming.

The benefits include lower energy use, saving money, better health, comfort and better for the environment.

Besides raising the deductible, there are other things to lower your insurance premium.

Delayed cokers analysis identifies areas for improvement
In preparing its World’s Best 2–3 Drum Delayed Cokers (WB2D) and World’s Best 4+ Drum Delayed Cokers (WB4+D) analyses, Solomon relied heavily on its extensive and proprietary database to identify characteristics of the best 2–3 drum and 4+ drum delayed coking units in the Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study)
The database included 76 cokers with a 2-…

It’s festival season! As music fans, we love going to concerts throughout the year, but there’s something special about festivals. You get the chance to see multiple artists on a big stage, outside, surrounded by hundreds or thousands of others who are just as excited as you are. Plus, festivals are about more than music.

WellSpan Surgery and Rehabilitation Hospital department one of just five across country to earn nursing award - WellSpan Health News

WellSpan infusion therapy services now offered in Hanover - WellSpan Health News

Not too far just behind The Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast is what people come here to see but rarely find. The Farmersville Fire Company is the perfect place to begin your Mud Sale Season.... continue reading
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Truly a Lancaster County dot on the map. Fivepointville is tiny, but don't let that fool you. This mud sale scheduled for May 4th, 2019 is just a short 20 minute drive…

It’s almost time to get your drink on and go totally green for St. Patrick’s Day! But how can you make sure that you enjoy and survive and still function the next day? Spencer’s is here to help! In 2019, St. Patrick’s Day falls on Sunday, March 17. Since it’s the

Preparing for a long road trip can be tough! Follow our ideas to help make your next long road trip more fun!

The culture of Europe is rooted in art and architecture, so it’s no surprise that designers often find inspiration there. But in a world where the internet makes any place on the planet just a click away, international influences have increasingly transcended borders, and that’s impacting everything from design and technology to energy efficiency, wellness…

WellSpan expands services and hours at remodeled location in Hanover - WellSpan Health News

Fire-related incident at WellSpan Gettysburg Hospital - WellSpan Health News

Imagine opening your bank statement and seeing debit card transactions you never made on your checking account. While the realization that your debit card has been compromised begins to sink in…

WellSpan opens a new specialty practice in northern Lancaster County - WellSpan Health News

Topics: - Global LNG Supply & Demand - LNG Contracts: When Current Contracts Support to Expire - Closing North American LNG Arbitrage - US and Canadian LNG E...

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