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If you're not sure what you need to update before you sell your house, you're not alone! This is a common question that homeowners face when thinking about selling their house. Buyers today are busier than ever... #fixestosellahouse #gettinghousereadytosellchecklist #howtogetyourhousereadytosell

A school teacher and one of his students have different opinions on gender and then the teacher kicked the student out of class, according to a recent video that was published to the social media site YouTube on June 15.

In a classic surprise move, leaders of the state Senate pushed through the licenses-for-illegal-immigrants bill late Monday — and Gov. Cuomo signed it that night. This, though the gov had earlier h…

Howard Hanna and HSA Home Warranty know that the purchase of a home is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make and that it’s important to protect that investment with a home warranty. Anyone with a home warranty has the guarantee that should their home need a repair, their...

Don't check into the Overlook Hotel without it // The Shining Overlook Hotel Backpack

Southern California sheriff’s deputy Joseph Gilbert Solano, who was shot and critically injured on Monday while getting food at a fast-food restaurant, has died, authorities said.

We are the prime public adjuster resource with the variety and quality of content we provide, such as our publications covering risk management, how to implement a disaster preparedness plan, and claim management for insured property owners after they experience a disaster.

In this issue of Adjusting Today®, author Robert J. Prahl, CPCU, examines the subjects of vacancy/occupancy clauses and protective safeguards endorsements in property insurance.

The devastation that follows a hurricane is no surprise to Craig Fugate. The former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency has witnessed the aftermath of the “Big 4 of ‘04” storms that hit Florida in 2004: Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. In 2011, Fugate coordinated the recovery efforts for 87 disasters, a record …

Our public adjusters are experts in claim management and work for you the property owner and policyholder for your residential insurance claim after experiencing tornado damage or wind damage.

Chase Atlantic stopped by the HT studio to perform a stripped down version of "Like A Rockstar". Also, check them out on their world tour starting June 14! S...

Our professional public adjusters work with you, the business owner and insurance policyholder, to get the optimum amount from your tornado damage or wind damage insurance claim. We help you understand your property insurance policy and manage the entire insurance claim process.

While a wave of conservative states have been pushing laws restricting or effectively banning abortion, Illinois and Nevada moved legislation forward Friday aimed at protecting access to the procedure.

7 Steps to Finding the Right Pool Contractor
Putting in a swimming pool can raise the value of your property and provide your family with fun and fitness for many years to come. But choosing the right contractor is the first step toward getting full value
Reputable pool builders offer a seven-step guide to choosing a contractor:
1. Check websites. Review the websites of several local contractors. Look for pool styles and designs that appeal to you, and make initial appointments with a…

Milwaukee-based Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. today announced it has formed a $150 million venture capital fund as an extension to its Future Ventures initiative. The insurance company formed Future Ventures with a $50 million fund in 2017. It has so far made 14 startup investments totaling $40 million from that fund. The fund is national in scope, and has publicly invested in San Francisco mobile…

*The May degree candidates in this list are tentative and are based upon the anticipated successful completion of work undertaken during the Spring 2019 semester.

There are a lot of moving parts at The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International. One of those parts that seems to operate seamlessly and flawlessly in the background — and is an integral part of our long-term plan and a part of our proven success — is our commitment to the community in the form of various and assorted education programs.

Dr. Leslie Corbo from Utica College highlights the recent designation of their Master’s Program in Cybersecurity as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense […]

Antipsychotic medications are commonly prescribed for dementia, but, a new study shows behavior therapy on Alzheimer's may have a more positive effect.

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Everyone wants to get a great deal. When shoes are on sale or there’s a BOGO offer at the grocery store, you may be more likely to indulge. But many people don’t often think about getting a “great deal” on their mortgage, beyond... #howtoshopforamortgage #mortgagecalculator #mortgageratecomparison

Searching for your dream home can feel overwhelming, especially when adding children to the mix. As parents, we want the best for our children, including the best possible home to raise them in. However, house shopping with small children can add to the... #buyingahome #buyingahouse #homebuying