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As 8K seems to be the end goal for most manufacturers, can projectors reasonably keep up or will they be lost in the next wave of mainstream TVs?

James Dyson, CEO his namesake, wants to build a line of electric vehicles over the next decade that, in a total change of pace, shouldn't suck.

From Apple, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, eBay, Amazon.com, more and more retail giants are offering new augmented reality experiences to customers.

Despite having been around for over two decades, machine learning and its integration into business models is yet to become commonplace. Jari Salminen, Managing Director of Cumulocity, has witnessed the unfolding of machine learning and noted the progress made in its adoption into a wide range of industries over recent years. He says that rather than spend time in building grand strategies then assume that value…

Augmented reality, 3-D printing and new advanced manufacturing technologies will shape the industry over the next year. Find out what to expect and what to do now.

The keyword in “Customer Journey” is “customer,” not “journey.” In fact, in this Omni-channel world, the word “journey” can't paint the full picture.

Celebrating a fake national holiday can feel foolish, but it hasn't stopped Prime Day, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday from generating significant sales.

For retailers, the future was on display this past holiday season. There are several trends today that will be critical for retailers in the coming years.

It’s time for marketers to customize their ads and go to interactive experiences if they want to keep up with Gen Z’s unique way of shopping.

A wave of innovations points towards new business models and ways of doing business, though anxieties around talent and the “techlash” run below the surface.

Tips from a veteran integrator on testing an audio, video and control system to make happier customers and stronger bottom lines. Hint: It's not about looking for system bugs.

Georgia Ports Authority Board members approved a budget increase this week of $5.8 million for the port’s Mason Mega Rail project.

A timeline of innovations that led to today's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), which will have a $14.2 tn impact on the global economy by 2030.

History is littered with examples of manufacturers failing to balance conflicting priorities. Will Industry 4.0 be the much-anticipated savior?

An ever growing increase in mobile technology has created a fast-paced society that is accustomed to instant demand