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Please let us know if you and your organization would like to be included in the 2018 Homecoming Parade
The parade will take place on Friday, September 28 at 6:00 pm. You will be expected to report at 5:30 pm to the McCoy Center parking lot. Please have a banner ready to carry during the parade and/or wear spirit wear that reflects your organization.
More information to follow about the parade route and lineup order to follow. Please respond by Friday 9/21 in…

Morgan Pankow admits she has shaken her head in amazement a few times thinking of how far the New Albany High School girls golf team has come in her

What’s more Southern than a ripe tomato and mayonnaise sandwich? Well, one that comes with a buttermilk marinated breast fillet hand-breaded in our custom seasonings. We added crisp shredded lettuce, ‘cause why not? Getchoo one! (950-1280 Cal)

We’re proud of our kids going off to school this Fall, and more than a little relieved. As much as we love the twins, Dax and Eleven, the fact that any of us survived their teenage years is a miracle (We love you Dax. Eleven, you are …

Calling these masterpieces "salads" wouldn't have done them justice. Check out our fresh and delicious House, Caesar, Blue and Cobb Zalads.

Seeing as we've officially reached the dog days of summer, it seems like as good a time as ever to offer up some CarGurus picks for most dog-friendly cars.

It used to be that cars came from the factory with 15 or 16-inch wheels. Now 16, 17 and even 18 inches are coming standard.

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Realm is a 100% web based church software solution for churches. It enables your staff to access data 24/7 from anywhere using a computer or mobile device.

(3-4 Grades and Ministry 56)
please make sure to pay your $75.00 deposit by Friday, May 4.
Because of our Children and Student Auction success, your Final Payment will be $75.00. That makes your total Camp Cost this year @ $150.00 per camper for those registered by Thursday, May 3.
Any camper registered after May 3rd will not receive the
Auction Fundraiser Discount.
Crossings Camp Office Staff have informed us that only 12 spots are currently available for our week at camp. These…

And it helps with weeds & irrigation efficiency
There's no question that a fresh layer of mulch looks great in any flower or tree bed, but the benefits of mulch don't stop at appearance. Mulch helps keep the weeds down, minimizing the time needed for weed removal throughout spring and summer
Another benefit of spring mulch is that it helps retain water. Once the weather really heats up, the sun can quickly evaporate water dispersed by irrigation systems before it reaches its intended…

You should be ready for spring startup right now. If you are responsible for ensuring your commercial property is ready for springtime, the first thing you need to do is make sure you’ve got everyt…

Be Patient and Be Careful Pruning
The signs of cold damage can be confusing, since some damage may not be evident until weeks or months later. Dead leaves on woody plants can be picked off to make things look neater. There is very little that can be done to revive plants suffering from the extreme effects of freezing
If the tissue underneath is green, it’s still alive. If the tissue is tan or brown, the branch is dead. Generally, it’s a good idea…

STHIL Inc. and The Carburetors have written catchy anthems representing the STIHL brand and its customers. Download them here!

Maybe they pitched in to help clear the damage after a recent storm or made sure the neighborhood little league team had uniforms for the upcoming season. Or how about a locally owned business that went above and beyond to deliver great customer service? If so, we want to recognize and reward them as the best locally owned business in the country with the Independent We Stand Independent Small Business of the Year Award, "The Indie".

With a little imagination, brushing can be fun! In this animated video, a child teaches proper brushing tips while fending off the Invisible Nasties living i...

Don't forget to register for the Fall Festival on Realm! Please remember that we are trying get all members registered and paid for before the Festival. We will have an envelope and sign up list in...

Build goodwill in your neighborhood with these tips on how to be a friendly neighbor.

BP is proud to be an international partner of the IPC and its vision to enable para-athletes to achieve sporting excellence and inspire and excite the world

Experience the Ultimate Gamer/Geek Playground at our GameStop 2017 Expo
Get a one-day sneak peek at the hottest upcoming video games, as well as exciting new experiences never before seen! In this seven-hour, 250,000 square foot EXPO, get ready to: