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NAPSA Certificate Program Announcement
It is with great pleasure that NAPSA announces the awarding of the first NAPSA Training Certificate to Christi Hutson , an APS nurse from Visalia, California. NAPSA has been working diligently over the last few years, with the support of an Archstone Foundation grant, to develop a national APS worker certificate process. Certificates are awarded to workers who have completed all 23…

Foreclosures on delinquent properties by homeowner associations were almost unheard of before the financial crisis. Now they are becoming more common.

The most likely nature disaster Rossmoor and the local area will experience is an earthquake. And because of our proximity to the ocean, we need to be aware of the effects of the tsunamis big quakes can generate. Preparing ahead of time for earthquakes is a key step in recovering from them. Knowing the best …

Published May 31, 2018 at 7:44 pm (Updated May 31, 2018)
PA Rep. Rosemary Brown announces Senate passage of a bill that improves how homeowners' associations handles complaints (Photo provided)
Residents of private communities in Pennsylvania have been given an additional resource to help resolve complaints against their "micro-governments."
Gov. Tom Wolf on May 4 signed House Bill 595, sponsored by Rep. Rosemary Brown (R-Monroe/Pike)…

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Owning a home isn’t always a happily-ever-after story. On any given day, you might deal with a leaky roof, a weedy lawn or a bad neighbor. Homeowners associations can help with these inconveniences. HOAs are governing bodies found within common-interest communities, such as planned or gated neighborhoods and apartment or condominium buildings. They’re run and...Read More

Many neighborhoods in Omaha have Homeowners Associations to keep the area surrounding your home well-maintained and manicured. But many people do not like paying a fee and having multiple restrictions on what they can and cannot do to the home they’ve purchased. Most HOAs are not optional, so if you’re unsure if you want to live in an area with an HOA, ask your REALTOR® to identify when a home does or does not have a Homeowners Association
Pros & Cons of HOAs…

You might be dreading mowing your grass in these sweltering temperatures. For a growing number of Sioux Falls homeowners, that's not a concern. When

Restrictive rules and high fees are just some of the things to watch out for before joining a homeowners' association or HOA.

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National Newspaper Association has been protecting, promoting and enhancing community newspapers since 1885, through active and effective government relation programs that addresses the issues affecting community newspapers, through education of readers, advertisers, and policy officials; and by providing information, solutions and strategies

State auditors say the New York Racing Association is failing to properly document capital plans, wi

Recognized as the policy voice of biological and biomedical researchers, FASEB also holds a series of Science Research Conferences, offers Association Management Services, produces News and Publications, and offers MARC and Professional Development.

Tips if your moving to a new home just down the street in a nearby homeowners association or across the country.