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Hallux rigidus is a disorder of the joint located at the base of the big toe – different than bunions and sesamoiditis. It causes pain and stiffness in the big toe, and with time it gets increasingly harder to bend the toe. Hallux rigidus is actually a form of degenerative arthritis where the

Haglund’s Deformity is a bony enlargement on the back of the heel that often leads to painful bursitis, which is inflammation of the fluid-filled sac (bursa) between the tendon and bone. In Haglund’s deformity, the soft tissue near the Achilles tendon becomes irritated when the bony enla

Nashville's transit referendum was rejected in all corners of Davidson County Tuesday, leading to an emphatic loss, with the only speck of support coming in the city's gentrifying neighborhoods close to downtown.

Eye exams not only gauge your vision, but can also provide vital information about your overall health.

Exercise helps prevent back problems by strengthening key muscles and improving flexibility. Here are one expert's top moves.

"Let's Move Nashville" calls for nearly $5.4 billion in spending for five new light-rail lines, 19 transit centers and four new rapid bus lines.

Don't let sinus pressure rob you of your energy. Start taming your sinus symptoms right now with these 3 simple sinus soothers.

See Brauninger at Richard's Louisiana Cafe on March 29, 2018 at 6:30pm.