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You've heard of savings accounts and money market accounts. Which one should you pick? Here are some things you should be thinking about when deciding where to park your cash.

The national anti-hunger campaign No Kid Hungry has selected Tennessee as one of six states that will participate in its 2019 School Breakfast Leadership Institute. No Kid Hungry’s School Breakfast Leadership Institute brings together national, state, and local leaders to develop new and better ways to connect kids with school breakfast.

Heading out on a road trip in a recreational vehicle allows travelers an opportunity to explore the nation while enjoying some comforts, too. "It's not so much about just getting to where...

Leading telecom solutions provider Equinox Information Systems is proud to once again sponsor Nashville's premiere trail run and Father's Day weekend event.

To reduce your monthly food budget, check out these 6 reasons why meal planning will help you save money on food each week.

When it comes to buying a home, it's important that, before you make the long-term commitment, you get your finances in order. Not too long ago, many people thought that millennials would never buy homes because of their need for experiences and not wanting to be locked down.

Is there really a difference between banks and credit unions? Yes — here are eight key factors to consider when you decide which makes sense for you.

Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn announced today that 11 schools have received the Tennessee STEM School Designation, bringing the total number of STEM designated schools to 26. This designation, developed in collaboration with the STEM Leadership Council and the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, is designed to recognize schools that promote and implement rigorous STEM-related learning opportunities for all students that lead to postsecondary achievement and high-quality careers…

Leading fraud management solutions (FMS) provider Equinox Information Systems reports their plans to sponsor and participate in the three-day Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) annual meeting and summer educational event next month.

Before you turn on your 'out of office' - watch this video for 5 money saving tips you may want to consider before going on vacation.

When Tennessee’s General Assembly approved an education voucher plan this month within hours of receiving compromise legislation, both supporters and critics set to work examining the final language
The 24-page bill was a mashup of House and Senate versions that went through multiple revisions over two months, and it also added new language with input from Gov. Bill Lee’s administration in an effort to withstand potential…

If your retirement savings are not where they should be, put some of these simple strategies to work.

Everyone makes money mistakes, but some common missteps could come at a tremendous cost to your long-term financial security.

Tired of the same old vocal sound? Time to get creative with your plug-ins, FX pedals and anything else you have!

Whether it's asking for a raise, or asking your bank for leniency, often the only thing standing between you and saving money is picking up the phone and asking.

Registration now open! Have questions? Need help? Lesa Grubbs ( can help! You're Invited to the 2019 Protector User Group! We're hosting a special event September 30 - October 2, 2019, where YOU are the guest of honor! The Protector User Group Meeting (PUGM) is an informational, must-attend fraud education event we host at Nashville's Music City Center. This conference is perfect for the entire Protector…

We take a look at some of the most innovative apps that can help you further your financial goals without having to do much more than open up your phone.

Itching to travel but not sure how to save for a vacation? These 10 tips will help you build your travel fund so you can be on your way.