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Receiving any correspondence from the IRS can instantly strike fear in the heart of most. You have to admit that one would naturally get a little nervous when you see that the Treasury department wants to have a word with you. In this moment you don’t want to become overcome with panic, you want to prepare! Millions of taxpayers get IRS notices saying there may be an issue or error and you may owe additional tax, including penalties and interest. Just because you…

Startup Nation wants to draw entrepreneurs to use technology to meet the challenges facing cities in and out of Israel

You cannot be a president in the Google era without getting multiple Googlebombs throughout your service. This time, it is Trump who got Googlebombed again, for the search term [idiot] in Google Imag

Two invasive pests that pose threat to cotton producers, of which Brazil is 4th-largest globally, will be targeted by gene modification

There is an outstanding explanation from Google's John Mueller about the differences around the noindex and rel=canonical signals and why they should not be mixed. In short, Google wants clear signals

As many of you know, Google has been active at rolling out the mobile-first indexing process to more and more sites in their index. We stopped keeping track of the notifications after what we documen

Over a week ago, I reported that Bing Webmaster Tools API was down and then began using some of my channels to find out what is up. All of my channels failed to lead to an answer. Plus those who hav

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Have you been to our new dealership in West Nyack? You'll be pleased with how we've changed. Give our new Service Department a try and wait in our comfortable customer lounge.

A limited run of just over 4,000 Monza Mirages were made for the 1977 model year, as General Motors expanded its subcompact's sporty lineup.

Here are the 15 new members of the board of directors for the search marketing organization.

However exciting retiring abroad may sound, it deserves considerable planning.

As I reported on at Search Engine Land based on Sergey Alakov spotting another test, Google is testing a new location tab that not only shows you location specific information around a hotel listing b

On May 8, 2018, at a meeting of the national board of directors of Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds, it was my honor to be unanimously elected

Free Services at RCC College is expensive, even if RCC is less than most. If you are shelling out several grand for an education, you ...

International Tracing Service and Times of Israel journalist jointly find descendants of Istvan Rokza, to restitute his stripped possessions and unearth buried heritage

Beach libraries are structures on beaches around the world where you can pick up a paperback before posting up oceanside. Here are six of the coolest ones.

Watch and listen to Dr. Fiorillo's expert interviews and be an informed consumer. Get in touch with Dr. Fiorillo @ or contact him ...

“Over 70 years of its existence as an independent country, Israel has achieved enormous progress in the field of women’s rights and ensuring equal opportunity for its women.”

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