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Remote monitoring and instant alerts save time, money and manpower. Pumps are like toddlers: You have to watch them constantly. If a pump breaks down, it’s bad news because it likely means water is rising somewhere it shouldn’t. Yet paying someone to monitor your pumps gets expensive and drains precious ...

Learn about emerging technologies and business strategies in these binge-worthy shows. Do you have time to kill on your commute to work? Or do yearn for something engaging to listen to at the gym? A podcast that helps you stay on top of issues in the construction industry might be the answer. These five h...

Bring home the reasons for the rules, and the risks of breaking them.
Ever wondered why your employees take unnecessary safety risks or neglect basic safety practices? While they may give you all kinds of excuses, a big reason may be the way humans think. People simply don’t believe they’re going to suffer any negative effects when they take chances. It’s what psychologists call the optimism bias: Humans underestimate the likelihood that something bad is going to happen to them.

Creek Nation Muscogee was founded in 1993 and is now the second largest Muscogee (Creek) Nation gaming facility.

If you love nitro coffee and nitro tea drinks, be sure to grab a paper towel or two before you check out these 8 drool-worthy recipes for the NitroPress!

After setting all-time traveler records in 2017 and with summer numbers up more than 10% from the previous year, Will Rogers World Airport is set to move forward with an ambitous and sweeping expansion
OKCTalk was first to report the plans back in 2015 and after a delay, the $89-million project is once again moving forward
This week, the OKC Airport Trust will vote on…

How Italian friars provided the inspiration for one of the world's most beloved coffee drinks

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Earlier this year, one of the world’s first dynamic umbilicals was retrieved from deep water, offshore Europe, after 17 years’ deployment. As part of an overall investigation of the umbilical, the stainless steel tubes were tested, providing insight into the durability of the alloy in subsea conditions.

Perhaps it’s a small world, but it has big needs. It's vital to find smarter, safer ways forward. At Sandvik, we pour our hearts and minds into materials technology innovation to shape a more sustainable future.
Together, we can do more. We seek to collaborate with like-minded innovators: individual inventors, small businesses and listed companies. Do you have a game-changing idea on a commercial scale?
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The ongoing digital revolution has the potential to disrupt the building and construction industry, bringing significant savings in time and cost, and perhaps superior quality as well, according to Lux Research.

Stainless steel, seamless umbilical tubes using super duplex Sandvik SAF 2507™ were found to be corrosion and fatigue free after 17 years of service in the Asgard Field in the Norwegian Sea. The tubes were in the same condition as when they were produced 19 years earlier
Sandvik has seen increased activity in Asia. Key issues involve corrosion and the strength of materials in HP/HT applications…

The words “data driven” trigger a certain cringe factor. From the transparent e-commerce site that matches your favorite authors with new authors you might like to the businesses that capture your clicks, businesses are continuing to mine the available treasure trove of data to further their strategic aims. Consider the midlevel construction organization—what are they measuring?