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Gonna sit down in the kitchen
And fix me something good to eat
And make my head a little high
And make this whole day complete
‘Cause we gonna lay around the shanty, mama
And put a good buzz on
Jonathan Edwards – Shanty
If you are from Grand Rapids or the surrounding areas and if you grew up when I did, you know those lyrics as the “Friday Song.” That’s because WLAV plays that song multiple times every Friday, and every Friday…

by Savannah Klein Scott Fitzgerald wisely said, “France has the only two things towards which we drift as we grow older—intelligence and good manners.” French business affairs, therefore, aren’t ju…

Do you have red or "bloodshot" eyes even though you're getting enough sleep? They can indicate an underlying condition or problematic exposures and habits.

Archery forums are a valuable tool for finding archery-related information. Here are some popular forums to help you crowdsource for tips and tricks, and connect with other archers.

You can take this durable, all-in-one cushion, seat and recliner anywhere. Don’t forget to subscribe: www.youtube.com/c/WestMarineInc Like us on Face...

Our Go-Anywhere High Back Seat 2 offers easy-chair luxury on board or at the dock. For more information on the Go-Anywhere High-Back Seat, check it out on ou...

Daily Lift podcasts are short takes on inspiring ideas to enrich your day and share with friends.

At Warner we take the time to understand our clients and their business. We partner with our clients to identify issues and develop cost-effective solutions.

If you’re planning a late season bowhunt for white-tailed deer, find the food and you’re on the right track.

To kick off the Jake's Fireworks 12 Days of Giveaways, we are sending out 75 FREE holiday t-shirts. Check out the Jake's Fireworks Facebook page for more details on how you can win!

Seidman College of Business has been named as one of the top business schools by Princeton Review.

Learn how to set up a popping cork fishing rig in three simple steps. Learn more about the popping cork rig and other fishing rigs in this section bit...

Meekhof Tire has many tire brands in stock, we are sure to have the tires that are perfect for you. We serve Grand Rapids, MI and Jackson, MI.

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Use Art to Form to make space great – LYNNEL artwork expressed as a wide variety of innovative and specialized design elements for architectural and design settings. Over 3,000 original customizable images for installations ranging from impressive three-dimensional feature pieces and backlit installations, to more straightforward two-dimensional surfaces and functional applications. LYNNEL art images can be used to enhance any environment: healthcare, commercial, multi-family residential, hospitality…

Are your archers hoping Santa stuffs their stockings with archery gifts? Take these cues, and you’ll win at being Santa’s little helper this Christmas.

Your diet has a large impact on your overall health, including your vision. In addition to drinking enough water, maintaining a balanced diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, and low in sugar and saturated fats, is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your eyes.

About seventy-eight million dogs live in the United States and 56% of dog owners say they drive with their dog in the car at least once a month.

And if you happen to purchase your eyeglasses and sunglasses from Rx Optical, we’ll help you too. It’s part of our culture. It’s what we do. Whether you like it or not, our relationship with you and your eyeglasses won’t end until you want it to. We back up every pair of glasses that we… Continue Reading Worry Free Warranty

By Edward Pevos | epevos@MLive.com | Posted November 15, 2018 at 12:34 PM | Updated November 15, 2018 at 12:36 PM
By Edward Pevos of MLive
Millions and millions of people braved some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world at Cedar Point in 2018.
The amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio has just revealed its top 5 most ridden attractions of the past season. Number one may surprise you.
2016 and 2017 numbers compared to 2018 at the bottom

The Manasoo normally ferried passengers along the Canadian coast of Lake Huron. But on her last trip, she carried cows.

At Rx Optical, we understand that your child’s vision is vital to their success in life, and we want to help you in caring for your child’s eyes. While a comprehensive eye exam is a great first step to overall eye health, there are important ways to take care of your child’s eyes between their… Continue Reading How to Take Care of Your Child’s Eyes

When you’re faced with a problem, do you “use” Christian Science to address it? This author explains how healing happens more readily when we understand that we aren’t “using” Christian Science to fix something.

For many years I was a fearful person. Many fearful thoughts would come into my mind related to the present and future. Traveling, for example, was very difficult because I was always afraid of something going wrong; whenever I traveled I had to be with someone, because I was...

Chantilly, Va.—Nicole Nguyen, OD, has been a fulltime practitioner in the northern Virginia area for a little over a year now and her time as a full-time optometrist at MyEyeDr. in Chantilly, Va. inspired her to create Eye Scribbles, an Etsy shop that features eye-related artwork tailored for fellow doctors and lovers of all things eyewear.