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Meet David Robbins, the new President of Cru’s Family Life Ministry. Did you know Family Life started as a singles ministry? I learn that at 17:20. We also discuss Family Life’s response to the evolving definition of family (21:40) how Family Life can minister to singles (27:15) the planned release of the multi-media Art of Parenting Resource (39:47) and what makes the TV series This is Us so popular (43:40)

Retail Furniture News: BEDGEAR Announces Partnership with RedSkins, BEDGEAR showcased personalized performance products for players and staff at exclusive team fitting.

Retail Furniture News: City of Hope Announces 2019 Spirit of Life Award Honorees, Larry Klaben, founder of Morris Furniture Company; Surya Tiwari, founder of Surya; and Satya Tiwari, president of Surya, will be honored with the 2019 Spirit of Life Award.

Retail Furniture News: Kimball Announces Pending Acquisition of David Edward, In conjunction with the asset acquisition, Kimball will lease the two existing production facilities in Baltimore and Pennsylvania, totaling 235,000 square feet.

Loyalty is a critically important ingredient in both our business and our personal lives. Are you doing enough to create more loyalty in your work and life?

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Turmeric, a bright-yellow spice best known as an ingredient in curry, is gaining scientific interest as a natural alternative to arthritis medications.

As the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were revealed to the public last month, Apple cut the price of the older iPhone models to move them down the portfolio and make them more attractive entry points into the iOS ecosystem. But there is a sting in the tail.